CommandIQ® Overview

Learning Path: Managed Home and Business


No charge for My Calix users

This self-paced module focuses on the capabilities of the CommandIQ mobile app. The module begins with the basics of using CommandIQ and moves into the enhanced functions of the app.

Duration: 30 minutes 

Who should attend

  • Customer Support
  • Field Technicians
  • Network Operations

Prerequisite Training and Skills

  • None


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the capabilities of CommandIQ?
  • Locate and download CommandIQ
  • Describe the steps to set up a subscriber account in CommandIQ
  • Describe how to perform a speed test
  • Describe how to customize SSIDs and passwords for primary and guest networks
  • Describe the steps to set up Alexa
  • Demonstrate the ability to use ExperienceIQ
  • Demonstrate the ability to use ProtectIQ