C7 Copper Access Specialist

Learning Path: Traditional Platforms


The C7 Copper Access Specialist certification is designed for technicians who provision and maintain C7 xDSL services. Candidates must demonstrate their ability to activate voice, video, and data services for xDSL subscribers by completing tasks such as configuring ADSL templates, configuring xDSL bonding, configuring Ethernet uplinks, configuring subscriber provisioning templates, and troubleshooting common faults.

Passing Score: 70%

Time Limit: 90 minutes

Renewal Required: None

Prerequisite Training and Skills

Before attempting certification, you should have extensive experience using the C7 and CMS to configure and manage C7 networks. Calix also offers training courses that can help you prepare for certification.

Exam Topics

  • C7 Copper-based Voice (SONET)
  • C7 xDSL General Knowledge
  • C7 xDSL Data (SONET-Virtual Bridging)
  • C7 xDSL Bonding
  • C7 xDSL Data (EXA)