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Jan 31, 2023

Tips and Tricks to Secure Funds for Your Broadband Business

Are you looking to launch a new broadband business or expand your existing network to unserved customers in 2023? How can you secure your share of unprecedented levels of state and federal funding to support broadband investment in your region? 

Programs such as BEAD, Reconnect, and other federal funds for broadband projects to improve affordability, adoption, and digital equity in communities are transformational for rural and urban areas. Only applicants knowledgeable of key eligibility requirements will enhance their chances of winning funds.

These industry funding subject matter experts covered:  

  • Eligibility requirements and application strategies you can use to gain points

  • Upcoming waves of program funding you need to prepare for now

  • Timelines for application windows and procurement requirements for the latest state and federal funding programs

  • Funding opportunities you may not know about