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Sep 30, 2020

Right-size Subscriber Experience: New Ways to Deliver BLAST Ultimate Wi-Fi

Subscriber needs vary. Imagine if you could deliver the ultimate Wi-Fi experience in new ways, to new types of subscribers, providing them with the flexibility they need and in-home reliability they’ll treasure. Now imagine you can do this and have your brand front and center in the home while creating additional revenue streams. 

Watch this webinar, Right-size subscriber experience: New ways to deliver BLAST Ultimate Wi-Fi.

We share:

  • The latest trends and the impact of Wi-Fi 6 in the subscriber home
  • The many ways you can deliver Wi-Fi – all on a common platform
  • Benefits and use cases for the different Wi-Fi 6 in-home solutions you can offer today
  • Key applications that provide a differentiated experience for your subscribers

This webinar features details about the upcoming release of the BLAST u4, the newest addition to Calix Wi-Fi 6 EDGE Systems, and will include information on how we can help you get started and enable your go-to-market success.