The power of Alarm Analytics unleashed

Remote Monitoring Service
20.3 updates take Alarm
Analytics to the next level

The power of Alarm Analytics unleashed

Remote Monitoring Service
20.3 updates take Alarm
Analytics to the next level


Enhanced Calix Remote Monitoring Service

Reduce technician intervention by up to 90 percent and resolve network issues up to 50 percent faster

Experience how expanded subscriber visibility and actionable analytics drive increased operational efficiency.

Remote Monitoring Service Overview


Remote Monitoring Service Analytics and Reporting Portal


Rapid notification

Proactively solve subscriber impacting problems faster

  • Continuous 24x7 monitoring across your access network
  • Machine learning technology correlates alarms, filters extraneous events, and identifies critical issues
  • Intelligent and immediate incident notifications with problem location, severity and resolution paths

Alarm analytics

Empower your operations team with network performance insight

  • Web-based analytics and reporting portal provides actionable, at a glance views of alarms and incidents
  • Expanded contextual insights and historical trending into specific alarms from impacted platforms and devices
  • ONT Health Check and High Value Account modules provide proactive analysis of subscriber performance issues and a focus on named customers

Fast TAC handoff

Streamlined problem resolution

  • 'Quick link' in notifications allows customer streamlined access to Calix Technical Assistance Center (TAC) resources 
  • Incident context automatically passed to TAC provides additional insight into customer’s issue
  • TAC access to customer’s alarm and incident history enables more efficient problem handling and faster time to resolution

Customer Success Manager

Integrated feature of Remote Monitoring Service

  • Customer Success Manager will help accelerate time to value of the Remote Monitoring Service. 
  • Their role leverages the extensive Calix knowledge base of service provider operations best practices to enable rapid integration of the cloud-based platform

Remote Monitoring Service takes alarm analytics to the next level

NEW! Features to the Remote Monitoring Service Intelligent Notifications and Analytics and Reporting Portal are game changers

Great new features for 20.3 have been added to the Remote Monitoring Service, and our customers are calling them game changing. Enhancements to the Analytics and Reporting Portal and the RMS Intelligent Notifications include:

  • Subscriber and service-related contextual information—subscriber or business name, FSAN, billing and contact number, ONT address, and more!
  • New Health Check categories and improved searchability to provide additional insights into issues impacting ONTs, optical path and signal, DSL services, battery backup and power.

New bundle combines great features of RMS with network utilization reporting and guidance

To help you better address the challenges you are facing with the current crisis and position you for the new operational normal, we’ve bundled the Remote Monitoring Service with the Network Capacity Assessment Service. This bundle includes the same great RMS features and network utilization reporting and guidance at no charge to help you address operational challenges remotely, efficiently, proactively and safely:

  • Immediate intelligent incident notifications with resolution path and high value subscribers impacted
  • Alarm Analytics and Reporting Portal
  • Customer self-management features
  • Customer Success Manager at no charge
  • Network Capacity Assessment Service included

Operational Innovation Accelerated

Calix Customer Success Manager and Remote Monitoring Service combine forces to accelerate operational innovation

Calix Remote Monitoring Service customers get proactive with help from new Customer Success Manager

As a new integrated feature of the Remote Monitoring Service, a Customer Success Manager will help you accelerate your time to value. Their role leverages the extensive Calix knowledge base of operational best practices to enable rapid integration of the intelligent trouble notifications and alarm analytics and reporting made available by the Remote Monitoring Service.    


Operations in the new normal

Communication Service Providers are taking the necessary steps to protect their teams and their subscribers during the current crisis. Working remotely, troubleshooting remotely and performing maintenance activities at a safe distance is paramount to maintaining network availability. The Customer Success Manager works with CSPs like Coleman County to implement ways to get proactive, work remotely and stay safe.


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Customer Success Stories

Calix Managed Services is an extension of your operating team, allowing you to scale your ability to improve the subscriber experience, reduce costs and accelerate your insights.



BTC gets proactive with their operations by leveraging increased visibility using the Remote Monitoring Service and Calix Support Cloud. The notifications, analytics, and reporting work great together and gives BTC Operations groups an advantage with comprehensive visibility out to the subscriber premises and additional insight into what the subscriber is experiencing.



Calix Remote Monitoring Service helps Truestream get proactive with subscriber issues to help solve problems faster and fend off competition



Coleman County Telephone Cooperative address network issues faster with better visibility and actionable best practices.

“We've been able to proactively go out and prevent customer service calls, particularly in an afterhours or weekend on-call situation.”​

--James Pelton, Coleman County Telephone Cooperative



Calix Remote Monitoring Service helps Ntec streamline operations and support  proactive incident management.


Calix Remote Monitoring Service reduced the number of incidents that require technician intervention by 83 percent

Calix Remote Monitoring Service helps Valley Telecom innovate its operations through improved efficiency and reduced problem resolution time.

“We were able to rebuild our workflows and reduce the Mean-Time-to-Repair by up to 50 percent”

 -Tim Bowlby, Valley Telecom


Learn from customers and industry experts on the benefits of intelligent remote monitoring


Operations in the New Normal

CSPs are taking the necessary steps to protect their teams and their subscribers during the current crisis. Hear how Coleman County Telephone Cooperative is stepping up by getting more proactive, keeping subscribers connected to critical services. 


Get Ready to Redefine Your Support Services with Proactive Network Monitoring

The new Calix Remote Monitoring Service is a Managed Service offering that will help you prioritize issues impacting your network and help you go from reactive to proactive in supporting your subscribers.


Valley Telecom Group Innovates Its Operations – Learn how you can too!

Valley Telecom is radically innovating its operations with the Calix Remote Monitoring Service and starting to see the benefits of faster resolution time and improved operational efficiency.


Get Proactive With Our Top Customer Remote Monitoring Use Cases

See how to leverage the Calix Remote monitoring Service dashboard to develop incident mitigation and remediation strategirs to help resolve problems proactively and focus on activities to improve service uptime.