C7 Network Specialist

Learning Path: Traditional Platforms


This certification focuses on building and maintaining C7 Networks. Candidates are tested in various aspects of network maintenance including network turn-up, configuring Ethernet links and ERPS, configuring SONET transport, configuring GR-303 voice services, and network backup and restore operations.

Passing Score: 70%

Time Limit: 90 minutes

Renewal Required: None

Prerequisite Training and Skills

Before attempting certification, you should have extensive experience using the C7 and CMS to configure and manage C7 networks. Calix also offers training courses that can help you prepare for certification.

Exam Topics

  • C7 Network Turn-Up Operations
  • C7 User Interface Operations
  • C7 GR303 Voice Services
  • C7 TDM Gateway Voice Services
  • C7 Provisioning Operations
  • C7 Network Maintenance Operations