July 7, 2020 by Kevin Kuo

Extending Subscriber Relationships in a Personalized Way Through the Power of SMx and Policy Maps


Beyond the extraordinary times we live in today lies a new normal—one that includes social distancing, increased business disruptions, and remote work-from-home mandates. However, within this environment also lies opportunities. Now more than ever, your subscribers are looking to their service providers for increased levels of service differentiation and proactive support, especially in areas that would benefit them in their everyday lives. For example, a free promotional upgrade to a higher speed internet package for a week or a bump up to a higher service tier that allows them access to more features and capabilities for a month.

In times of a crisis, a customer’s interaction with you can trigger an immediate and prolonged effect on his or her sense of trust and loyalty that could last for years to come. Your ability to innovate and modify your service creation capabilities on the fly in order to deliver the aforementioned benefits will undoubtedly result in driving higher subscriber satisfaction and retention levels. So with that in mind, how would you like the ability to easily manage, control, and execute promotional campaigns at “the push of a button”? In order to accomplish that, one would require increased marketing automation and highly dynamic operational processes that instill the flexibility and service agility to enable rapid service creation and personalization at the subscriber level.

Introducing the AXOS SMx solution and the power of policy maps. A policy map basically handles tag manipulation, Quality of Service (QoS) behaviors, and bandwidth settings within SMx. SMx also adds another layer, the service template, that not only defines the policy map profile, but also reduces the complexity when creating a service at the subscriber level. Let’s say you wanted to change the allowed bandwidth of a given subscriber—all that you would have to do then is to change the policy map profile from within the provisioned service and push the map back out to the corresponding access system via SMx. So for example, you would like to run a promotional campaign that rewards all of your loyal subscribers a free upgrade from 250MB to your gigabit service offering for two weeks. By utilizing SMx and policy maps, you will now be able to implement this promotion quickly and easily. Just imagine the number of ways you might be able to leverage this capability…celebrating the attainment of subscriber level milestones, awarding specific service tiers (Platinum, Gold , etc.) based on tenure status, rewarding your most loyal subscribers, etc. 

Lastly, by utilizing the powerful combination of the AXOS platform and SMx, you can also realize faster time-to-revenue capabilities while also lowering your operational cost structure. The AXOS SMx solution enables service providers to dynamically drive automation within operational processes that results in:

  • a decreased time to market for new service introductions due to simplified, more streamlined lifecycle operations and back-office integrations
  • a dramatic reduction in service delivery intervals
  • a markedly improved automated service provisioning and subscriber service quality experience

For additional information, download our SMx solution brief here.