October 30, 2018 by Lingaraj Patil

Simplify your Network and Accelerate your Business with Calix AXOS Intelligent Access Edge Solution


Calix just unveiled the AXOS Intelligent Access Edge solution at our industry-leading ConneXions conference in Las Vegas. This solution radically simplifies your network and helps you drastically reduce total cost of ownership. The benefits of network collapse and simplification cover the gamut of access network architectures including your existing distributed access networks.

Stay ahead of the customer demands

As subscriber demands continue to increase, service providers need networks that can support applications like virtual reality, augmented reality and cloud gaming, which require not only high bandwidth but also lower latency. Existing network architectures with many cascading, standalone network elements not only increase complexity but also slow subscriber experiences.

Less is more

AXOS Intelligent Access Edge solution gives you a radically different, simpler alternative. It reduces the number of elements by consolidating subscriber and service related functions to the access network edge and helps you accelerate your business at a reduced cost. 

Two key components of the solution we just introduced here in Las Vegas are the Advanced Routing Protocol module (ARm), and a new Aggregation Services Manager line card (ASM3001) running on the AXOS E9-2 system.

How it all comes together…

The solution leverages existing AXOS Subscriber Management (SMm) to help you consolidate subscriber and services management closer to the subscriber, the point where you have most subscriber knowledge. While Routing Protocol module (RPm) simplifies your network by bringing Layer 3 intelligence to your Layer 2 access network, you could also use ARm, which takes it a step further by including all capabilities of the RPm and adding edge routing including MPLS into your access network. It transforms your access network into an even more powerful routed network thus simplifying its design, provisioning and maintenance.

Start from where you are

We know you love your E7-2s, B6s, and C7s. We love them too. You don’t need to build a new network to get benefits of simplification through network collapse, start simplification from where your network is today. The new Aggregation Services Manager (ASM3001) line card collapses networks elements by aggregating traffic from your distributed access network.

In a world where subscriber demands are changing and changing fast, the AXOS Intelligent Access Edge solution gives you a simpler way to build and operate networks, it allows you to instantly see the cost advantages of software defining your access networks without undergoing a complete replacement.

Now it’s time to simplify your network and accelerate your business. Go!