Can your CSRs resolve Wi-Fi issues in one click?

They can now.

Calix Support Cloud

Are you ready to radically improve how your CSRs support the connected home experience?

Proliferation of IoT devices is increasing subscriber dependency on already strained in-home connectivity options (like Wi-Fi) while raising expectations for an elevated and personalized experience.

The time to reinvent customer support and elevate the subscriber experience is now - Introducing Calix Support Cloud

Easy-to-use CSR interface for smarter troubleshooting

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Calix Support Cloud harnesses the power of data-driven insights and ground-breaking analytics to arm CSRs with an easy-to-use interface that dramatically simplifies troubleshooting of expanding home Wi-Fi networks.

Identify service issues in one click

With capabilities like SmartCheck, Calix Support Cloud automatically analyzes Wi-Fi connectivity and visualizes root causes of issues that plague the subscriber experience. Combined with an innovative, data-driven recommendation engine and fix now capability, issue-resolution is simply 1-click away.

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Empower your CSRs with a holistic subscriber view

Do your CSRs feel empowered to have a meaningful discussion with subscribers? Calix Support Cloud delivers a holistic yet simplified view of the subscriber and connected home experience so CSRs can turn their attention to service tier upsell based on visual details of actual broadband usage.


Take control of your customer support metrics

Do you have the right data and services to improve customer support KPIs? Calix Support Cloud harnesses the power of data analytics to drive smarter, faster issue resolution and optimization of key support metrics resulting in lower OPEX and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce average call handling time
  • Increase first call resolutions
  • Reduce truck rolls and unnecessary swap-outs
  • Drive upsells 
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