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Marketing Cloud

Your subscribers are talking. Calix Cloud analyzes and correlates what they have to say with the abilities of the broadband network. These are the kinds of revealing insights you can find with Marketing Cloud.

  • Customers that are likely to need a speed increase
  • Customers likely to churn
  • Target locations for new service offerings
  • Social media advertising suggestions

Calix Cloud delivers the insights you need to be successful every day. Get started today!

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Calix Blog: Unleashing Broadband Providers --Tom Cohen highlights recent actions from the new FCC and Chairman Pai, as they begin to loosen restrictions on service providers.

Discover trends as they develop

Data analytics can be a time consuming challenge. Our analytics engine correlates data and provides actionable insights on demand. Know whom to target, where to advertise and what message will appeal instantaneously!

Simplify customer data analytics to reveal what customers prefer

Marketing Cloud provides an assortment of off-the-shelf reports. However, customization to your specific needs is just a few clicks away. This allows you to quickly analyze subscriber data so you can focus on identifying customer preferences in your market before they become mass market trends.  

Elevate your decision making with actionable insights

Rise above the noise and clarify your thinking. Use insightful reports tuned to your specific marketing needs to help you elevate decision making.

  • Metrics that highlight progress towards KPIs
  • Target marketing spend where it makes sense
  • Identify when and where to offer new services