Calix Marketing Cloud

Your network is talking....are you listening?

Calix Marketing Cloud is designed just for you.

Your subscribers are talking. Calix Cloud analyzes and correlates what they have to say with the abilities of the broadband network. These are the kinds of revealing insights you can find with Marketing Cloud.

  • Customers that are likely to need a speed increase
  • Customers likely to churn
  • Target locations for new service offerings
  • Social media advertising suggestions

Calix Cloud delivers the insights you need to be successful every day. Get started today!

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Gain actionable insights

Understand how your subscribers are using the services they purchase from you and immediately profile them based on usage characteristics.  View social media heat maps to show you when and where to advertise and see trends as they develop. Actionable insights are just a click away.

Simplify targeted marketing

Targeted marketing has never been so easy. Calix Marketing Cloud identifies power users, gamers, and streaming-heavy users so you can design offers for their unique needs.  Get the most out of your marketing dollars by prioritizing focus on top target segments.

Do you truly see your customers?

Use Calix Marketing Cloud to visualize and prioritize marketing efforts based on network availability and geography. Seeing is believing.

Customer Success Stories

NCTC uses data to increase ARPU.

West Carolina Tel uses analytics to drive upgrades.

Case Studies and White Papers

Case Study: Nemont

Nemont uses network insights to increase revenue, manage subscriber experience, and prioritize capital spending.



Whitepaper: "The Rise of OTT Video and Average Profit Per User"

Delivering value to both subscribers and stakeholders should be the ultimate goal of any organization. Position your company to deliver the right products and services to customers that will result in a profitable business.