EXA Configuring E7 Services

Calix Solutions Academy


This course provides an overview of how to configure an E7 to distribute service traffic from an uplink device to subscribers, including the use of VLANs and tag actions.

Duration: 30 minutes

Who should attend

  • Technicians who install, manage, and maintain the Calix E7 platform

Prerequisite Training and Skills

  • Completion of Introduction to E7 or equivalent knowledge
  • Understanding of Ethernet networks including layer 2 switching and VLANs 


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Configure an E7 to allowed tagged service traffic to flow through the uplink, through the E7, to individual subscriber ports
  • Configure an uplink port, configure service VLANS, make VLAN associations, create tag actions, and configure individual redundant downlink ports