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Feb 09, 2024
3 min

2 New Ways Customer Service Can Improve the Subscriber Experience

A man on a laptop improving subscriber experience

Broadband competition is everywhere, from 5G mobile to Tier 1 fixed and satellite providers. How can local broadband service providers (BSPs) stand out? By delivering greater value and a superior subscriber experience. Fortunately, the Calix broadband platform enables BSPs to do just that by diversifying their business model with managed services and delivering customer service excellence to increase subscriber satisfaction and loyalty.


As BSPs seek to capitalize on new growth opportunities, customer support is the critical success factor across the entire service lifecycle. This includes planning, launching, managing, and scaling services. Calix reduces this complexity with innovations in our award-winning support solution, Calix Service Cloud (Service Cloud).

The latest enhancements to Service Cloud improve the subscriber experience across different market segments while increasing support efficiency in two ways.


Give small business owners greater control of their SmartBiz™ service. New service management tools enable BSP customer service representatives (CSRs) to configure a secondary ethernet WAN connection for small business owners so critical systems—like the point of sale and primary small business wifi networks—have even more resilience to deliver a high-availability service. Additionally, business owners can use new time limits to control when staff and others access the network. Finally, support teams can deliver even greater value by providing business owners reports of customers who have logged onto their Wi-Fi network via their customer portal, paving the way for future engagement.


Drive a personalized residential experience with simplified self-service adoption. A critical step to personalizing the subscriber experience is meeting subscribers where they are. The CommandIQ® app is a relevant way to stay in touch, offering a personalized experience and self-service options so subscribers can control their connected homes (all while keeping your brand front and center).

To deliver this personalized experience, CSRs can leverage email functionality in Service Cloud to send subscribers a link to download a custom-branded (aka personalized) version of the CommandIQ app. This simplifies app adoption and empowers subscribers to handle basic support tasks, from checking bandwidth speed to resetting the Wi-Fi password to managing parental controls. This self-support significantly reduces inbound calls—ultimately lowering operating costs and driving subscriber satisfaction. Iowa-based Preston Telephone Company is a great example. They upped subscriber usage of CommandIQ and cut trouble calls by 10 percent while improving the overall experience.

Calix is committed to continuously innovating Service Cloud—and our entire broadband platform—to give BSPs a competitive advantage.


Watch our webinar replay to learn how service excellence can make an impact in your business, “2024 Trends Driving Top Service Providers to Deliver Personalized Services That Win New Subscribers.”

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