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Feb 20, 2024
3 min

3 Steps To Achieve Customer Service Excellence in 2024

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When you think about personal customer experiences, how the interaction made you feel leaves a lasting impression. When a barista remembers your coffee order, you remember that connection. Faced with various choices, brands that appeal to our emotions forge deeper relationships.

I love the Zappos example. Their number one value is “Deliver WOW through service,” a customer-centric business strategy that infuses service excellence into everything they do. All new hires, including executive leadership, spend two weeks taking calls. And there’s no call time limit—the current record is 10 hours, 51 minutes. This amazing dedication to their customers is truly inspiring!

How do you get there? Here are three ways to transform your subscriber experience and lean on Calix for help.

  1. Refine your go-to-market strategy. Standardize every subscriber's essential Wi-Fi experience with tiered persona packages—gamer, work from home, streaming family, and more. Connect subscribers to your offerings so they can easily choose a package. Calix offers resources and templates to help you execute this. Our business domain expertise aligns with your core areas of operations and provides go-to-market templates and tools, including branding, special offers, and marketing resources—making market activation easy.

  2. Operationalize your subscriber experience. What’s your subscriber’s journey from new customer to maintenance to growth—and how are you operationalizing the experience? Calix can help you execute this vision. We look to streamline your current processes, creating an operations checklist to educate, enable, and align your teams. We help set key performance indicators (KPIs) and quotas, implement call reviews, and continually measure performance. With this information, you can constantly adjust and improve to be more efficient, consistent, and subscriber-focused. We can also build an enablement kit to unify your teams on selling and upselling managed services—helping drive new revenue. Kits include questions to ask, what to listen for, customer benefits, and tips for overcoming objections.

  3. Continually measure and improve. When measuring the impacts of your customer experience, you need to adopt a Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS®). NPS is a powerful indicator of sentiment, loyalty, and advocacy—and is a dynamic health indicator of ways to improve the subscriber experience. NPS as a metric has many factors, and you need several continual data points to understand the bigger picture. Like taking your blood pressure, it’s a snapshot in time. You need to take the pulse of NPS often to gain insights into what’s going on, look at the different constituencies, and refine data. Uncovering the details is where the magic happens. What are the challenges and opportunities you can address?


Executing these three recommendations leads to happier subscribers, more engaged and impactful teams, and higher growth. A great example is Texas-based BSP YK Communications. Their unwavering focus on the subscriber experience resulted in a stunning NPS of 92.

BSPs have an incredible opportunity to revolutionize customer service—and together, we can remove barriers to unparalleled subscriber experiences. Learn more in this edition of the Customer Support Beacon newsletter.


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