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Jan 31, 2024
3 min

3 Ways We Help You Accelerate Growth Through Operations Excellence

Two employees using operations excellence to accelerate growth on a laptop

As broadband service providers (BSPs) seek to diversify into new market segments and differentiate services for existing subscribers, Calix Customer Success Services is here to help. You can lean on our team to reduce risk, upskill your operations teams, and accelerate time to market.


As you enter a new era of exciting managed services, our approach helps you achieve three key goals.

  1. Operationalize the full SmartLifeTM portfolio. Calix streamlines the planning, deployment, and optimization of SmartLife solutions on a single platform, ensuring new services are seamlessly and efficiently delivered. Even though, for example, residential subscribers (SmartHome™) have different requirements than small businesses (SmartBiz™), your operations team can manage everything from the same familiar platform. By enabling automated functions, monitoring performance and network health, and gaining real-time actionable insights, Calix Customer Success Services ensures you fully operationalize SmartLife.

  2. Equip your teams with everything they need to succeed. If your operations teams have knowledge gaps or need guidance as they navigate new systems, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our enablement workshops are a good example of operationalizing fast. SCTelecom used one of these workshops to bring together different teams (operations, support, technicians) to understand installation processes better and was able to drive a 70 percent reduction in trouble tickets in just 90 days.

  3. Manage the complete service lifecycle. Launching and turning up new services is only the start. Our team supports you in expanding the service, rolling out updates, and introducing new features as the offer evolves. OTTC is one service provider that collaborated with Calix to roll out new speed tiers and managed security solutions—resulting in a 25 percent growth in annual revenue.


By partnering to accelerate your investment, the Calix Customer Success Services team becomes an important pillar within the broadband platform—alongside Calix Cloud, Intelligent Access, and Unlimited Subscriber— helping strip out the complexity of managing your broadband operations.


Tombigbee Succeeds with Calix

Service providers that partner with Calix to deploy this approach are reaping the benefits. Tombigbee Fiber, based in Mississippi, is one example. Tombigbee leveraged its investment in the Calix platform in 2023 to expand its managed service offerings—moving into new sectors such as recreation, community, and government. This investment helped Tombigbee deliver an exceptional Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®) of +91, plus win the 2023 Giant of Community Calix Innovation Award.


It hasn’t been bad for the bottom line either. After launching on the Calix platform in 2019, Tombigbee Fiber was cash-flow positive by its second year and reached substantial profitability by year three.


This exceptional progress was made possible by the operations team’s ability to impact the subscriber experience directly. And it’s the perfect template for growth.


Learn more about how Calix Customer Success Services can help you accelerate your growth plans.


Net Promoter®, NPS®, NPS Prism®, and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld. Net Promoter Score℠ and Net Promoter System℠ are service marks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld. 

Senior Manager, Customer Success

Dean Delitta is the senior manager, east region customer success at Calix. Dean is responsible for a team that supports Calix Operations Cloud and Calix Service Cloud clients. He has over 35 years of experience in the telecommunications industry as a service provider, equipment/cloud vendor, and global customer, holding positions at MCI, AT&T, Cisco, and Pepsi-Cola International. Dean holds a B.T. in Electrical Engineering Technology from Binghamton University.

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