June 1, 2023 by Alan Marks

How Can Enhanced Insights Improve the Customer Experience? Proactively Responding to Network Events


Alan Marks

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Calix


In today’s complex broadband networks, unanticipated events happen constantly—and some can cause unavoidable disruptions. What happens next can define the relationship with your subscribers. Get it wrong, and they may soon be looking for another provider. But swift resolution and effective communication during a service outage can develop and deepen a trusted relationship with your subscribers. 

In the latest quarterly update for Calix Operations Cloud (Operations Cloud), we’re introducing new capabilities—driven by automation, machine learning (ML) based network monitoring, and predictive analytics—that enable operations teams to manage and increasingly anticipate network problems before they occur.   

The latest Operations Cloud updates include:    

  • Network outage visualization and automated notifications. Cloud-based subscriber outage visualization and notifications (an industry first!) enable network teams to do two critical things. First, see what areas and subscribers are impacted on a real-time geographic map. Second, quickly gather and correlate essential details and provide them to multiple stakeholders via automated notifications—including operations, customer support, or subscribers. With this information, broadband service providers (BSPs) can deploy the correct repair teams and coordinate notifications using a “single pane of glass” in Operations Cloud.  

  • Network outage information delivered to Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud). Customer service representatives (CSRs) using Support Cloud are equipped with additional information on network outages and subscriber impacts. Network outage information appears as an alert on the homepage of Support Cloud; optical network terminal (ONT) issues and subscriber outage warnings are displayed in the subscriber record. Frontline CSRs/Tier 1 support can then act on ONT health data—saving time and improving efficiencies like first-call resolution, mean time to repair, and average handling time.    

  • ML-based proactive optical network terminal (ONT) light level monitoring. Network teams receive a weekly email that reports incidents of significantly lower light levels that require further investigation. By measuring light levels over time, network operators can determine thresholds and set up automated notifications when ONT light levels drop below the calculated threshold—effectively predicting when an ONT will have a problem, so it can be proactively replaced before impacting subscribers. 

These new capabilities are revolutionizing how BSPs manage and respond to critical network events—boosting operational efficiencies, lowering operating costs, and directly contributing to an improved subscriber experience.   

Learn more about the latest releases to Operations Cloud in our press release, ”Calix Operations Cloud Automates Network Outage Resolution So Broadband Providers Can Maintain Exceptional Subscriber Experiences While Achieving Massive OPEX Savings.”