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Oct 19, 2023
4 min

Calix Marketing Cloud and Support Cloud Changing Names to Reflect the Evolution of Our Cloud and How You Work

Much like in life, the only constant in business is change. Change can be innovative, like when Calix released Calix Marketing Cloud in 2017 or the Calix Support Cloud in 2017. We released cloud technologies for marketers and support teams to keep up with the evolving nature of how subscribers interact with their broadband service providers (BSPs). These products have helped you meet subscriber expectations. The name change is a reflection of the innovations of the past few years and our future goal for Calix Cloud: to help you exceed those expectations.

Change can also signal a refresh. Your role as a marketer or support leader is so much different than it was when Calix released our cloud products. You go beyond simple email marketing or case management support. You are more than a marketer, more than a customer support representative. To match the way you work, Calix is freshening up a few of our cloud products. We are pleased to announce that Marketing Cloud will now become Engagement Cloud, and Support Cloud will now be referred to as Service Cloud.

BSP Marketing Is Built on Engagement  

Back in the old days (if you can call the late 1990s “old”), marketers managed mailing lists, bought ads in local newspapers, and worked events to try to sell their wares. Then the internet exploded, and a marketer’s job became data-driven and up to the whims of social media giants. We all spent a decade or so trying to master Facebook and Instagram algorithms.

But BSP marketers do so much more than digital communications and ad buys. Your job is community based. You are creating dialogue and engaging with subscribers—that many of you call “neighbors.” You aren’t in advertising or marketing; your responsibilities are conversation based. The investments, innovations, and advancements we’ve made in the Calix Cloud intersect with the marketer’s role of providing unparalleled subscriber experience. We changed the name of Marketing Cloud to Engagement Cloud to reflect how both marketers and Calix are moving forward.

The Evolving Role of Customer Service

The role of customer support has seen a similar evolution over the years. Once upon a time, a support representative would handle tickets and take calls from subscribers who had any number of questions. While customer calls and tickets are still a part of your responsibilities, the role has evolved into a brand ambassador. The service pro is now responsible for a broader scope of responsibilities that require a depth and breadth of product and customer knowledge.

You are now a business-driver, a reliable source of upselling subscribers to the services they need. You also proactively manage issues and outages, getting ahead of problems before they arise. You are no longer a support representative; you are a service professional. As such, Calix Support Cloud has grown to meet your needs—and the product’s new name reflects those changes. Service Cloud helps you quickly address subscriber issues while also helping you better understand the personalized needs of each customer so you can exceed their expectations with true white-glove service.

What To Expect Next

Change doesn’t happen overnight. While we announced the name change at ConneXions, you will not see the evolution of Service Cloud and Engagement Cloud until later this year, with the 23.4 release. And there will be no changes to the interface or how you use either product. We are simply hitting the refresh button. If you have any questions, please reach out to your success team and we’d be happy to answer any inquiries you may have.

Learn more about how Calix Engagement Cloud and Service Cloud help you simplify your operations, grow your business, and excite your subscribers.

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