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May 17, 2023
3 min

4 Ways in Which Calix Is Building a Future-Ready Company Culture

We have witnessed workplaces undergo drastic changes in the past few years. The term "office space" took on a new meaning, especially after COVID-19, while changes such as hybrid schedules and remote working took shape. Social issues such as racism, inequality, and environmental activism also bubbled to the surface and stirred the waters of business. These issues pressed to be rightfully included in actionable corporate plans, completely altering business models.

Workers have tapped into their emotionality and prioritized their well-being over more money, which has led to the re-imagining of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), and set a foundation for workplaces that are built on job satisfaction, empathy, and occupational wellness. 

Following this, companies have already re-engineered their business models to accommodate all this while building resilient cultures that fit their employee profile and that can dive way into the future. Calix is one such company. Driven by the goal to elevate our Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) to gamechangers in their communities positively, we go beyond that and empower our very own employees to grow every day. Here are the pillars on which our vision of becoming a great place to work now and in the future at Calix, are founded:

Flexibility and Adaptability

Often than not, people are looked at peripherally in relation to work: as agents facilitating the achievement of set commercial goals. This places employees in positions that require them to adjust when it should be the other way around. A future-oriented workplace is a flexible one that allows employees to orient themselves towards the goal. At Calix, our working design is tailored by employees themselves and for that matter, we work from anywhere and prioritize work-life balance above all else.

SRHM forecasts that by 2025, more people will be working from home. Notably, 36 percent of companies confirmed that they’re willing to hire employees who are 100% remote, and working from anywhere in the US. This means that changing the workplace to meet the demands of the future is important. The more flexible and adaptable your company is, the better its chances of cruising the turbulence of change into the future.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The present and the future are characterized by disruption, which means that there’s massive growth and intense change being experienced. This calls for a solid strategy and a team full of visionaries, and this can only be realized if diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are embraced. As a collaborative workspace, Calix recognizes the role of DEI in driving success and intentionally embraces team members from all backgrounds, cultures and with varying expertise and abilities. 

In December 2022, we ranked in the top 20 in diversity and best company for women in the annual Comparably Workplace Culture Awards. We attribute this to our elaborate BEAD concept which stands for Belonging, Engagement, Acceptance, and Diversity. With BEAD, every voice at Calix is heard and that has enabled us to maintain and attract an inclusive team.

Learning and Development Opportunities

Learning in all facets of life is a lifelong process. In the corporate space, objectives, processes and methodologies, products, and technology are subject to the inevitability of change. Future-ready companies are cognizant of this fact and empower their employees to pursue learning opportunities every day and stay abreast of these changes. At Calix, we believe in the culture of continuous learning, so we enable our employees to tap into their creative and innovative capabilities by facilitating their access to learning and development resources of their choice. Employees who grow every day have limitless potential and will always remain conscious of the hits and misses of the industry.

Additionally, learning and development boost personal and professional development. Employees have both personal and professional goals. Supporting them as they strive to achieve these goals is paramount to job satisfaction and massive success for an organization. As I mentioned in this article, we all think and act like owners at Calix. We invest in our leaders – and that means everyone. Upskillist highlights that besides professional development advancing career performance and satisfaction for employees, it is very beneficial for you as an employer, too. It helps you retain your current employees, which reduces the cost of hiring new talent.

The future of work is people-centered and agile. Refining your company culture to holistically accommodate employee well-being, learning, and development sets the pace for a winning business culture. Ranked as a workplace with a distinctive company culture, Calix’s exceeding success and recognition across the industry is a testament to the importance of cultivating a culture that empowers employees and nurtures their solution-based and creatively-innovative minds to achieve goals while also looking out for the future.

Join Our Team

Are you looking to be part of an innovative and purpose-driven company? We have exciting opportunities for individuals that are intentional about shaping the Broadband experience for the world around them. 

Here are the current openings you can apply for and become a part of a company with an impeccable culture. 

Senior Vice President, Talent and Culture

Parul Kapoor is the senior vice president, talent and culture at Calix. Parul leads the global talent and culture team and the operations supporting Calix’s 800+ employees around the world. Parul previously held leadership roles at Cadence Design Systems and Google. Parul has a B.S. in Biology from the University of Delhi and an MBA from the Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development in Pune.

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