December 6, 2022 by Kevin Kuo

Perform Your Next Network Upgrade in Just Minutes Rather Than Hours—With Zero Subscriber Downtime


 Kevin Kuo

Director, Product and Solution Marketing, Calix


Every live critical network upgrade is a risk. Service interruptions can cause major headaches and drive increased subscriber dissatisfaction levels, but upgrades have to be performed. But what if you could perform a live access network upgrade in mere minutes, rather than in hours or days? With zero downtime and no subscriber interruptions during work hours, rather than performing it overnight? That’s just what Antietam Broadband (Antietam) did—their system upgrade took less than 10 minutes to complete.

If you’re like Antietam, you’ve been wincing at the idea of upgrades for years. Just weeks before their record-setting live access network upgrade, they’d performed another one. This vendor required five full nights of midnight shifts for two consecutive weeks. Every single night, subscribers suffered from outages for up to an hour. It was painful for everyone. With this vendor, Antietam had to touch every single subscriber ONT and reset every system in the field manually.

But with Calix, it was drastically different. Using Calix Intelligent Access EDGE, the entire upgrade took less than 10 minutes per OLT with 60 percent labor savings and absolutely zero downtime for their subscribers. Antietam didn’t have to individually touch each subscriber’s ONT—which was huge for their operations teams.

Reduce OPEX Up To 80 Percent With Operations Cloud and Intelligent Access EDGE

With Calix Operations Cloud (Operations Cloud) deployed on Intelligent Access EDGE, broadband services providers (BSPs) like Antietam can create fully autonomous broadband networks that are self-provisioning, self-analyzing, self-diagnosing, and “always on.” By using automation through Operations Cloud, BSPs can reduce OPEX by as much as 80 percent.

The ability to understand the correlations between network events and subscriber impact puts operations teams at the forefront of the subscriber experience. And a better network experience translates into higher net promoter and customer satisfaction scores—resulting in happier, more loyal subscribers. With Operations Cloud and Intelligent Access EDGE, this kind of insight is finally possible—at the same time, network upgrades are made painless further simplifying operations and driving greater efficiency and reliability that translate into a seamless subscriber experience.

See how Operations Cloud can help you transform operations across your network, from the access edge to the subscriber premises.