December 5, 2022 by Ryan Johnson

How We Cut Truck Rolls 30 Percent Thanks to Calix Cloud and Deployment Enablement Services


Ryan Johnson

COO, Chariton Valley

Ensuring the consistency and quality of new fiber broadband installations is critical. Down the line, issues can arise that cause major headaches for broadband operations teams. So, it all begins right at the first touchpoint with initial provisioning and installation at the customer premises. We needed a better way to monitor and understand what makes an installation successful. The only way to do that was to capture data about our installations straight from our technicians, right at the site. But how could we do that?

By collaborating with Calix Deployment Enablement Services, we equipped our installation technicians with the Calix MobilePRO app. This tool gives us instant validation of field deployments, capturing key data and photos in a simple mobile app. We then send this data to the Calix Cloud so it can be accessed by a range of other apps, including those used by our operations and support teams.

Everything We Need To Know in One Place Using the MobilePRO App

One report tells us everything we need to know, from the speed the customer was getting at the time of the installation to the types of devices they are using in the home. We’re not a large company in terms of staff, so the ability to remotely assess the quality of our tech installs is invaluable. If I get a report about an issue at an install, I can see what that install looks like with a couple of clicks using MobilePRO. Has the residential gateway been placed somewhere inappropriate? Is the ONT in the right place? Whatever the scenario, I’ll be able to instantly assess the situation and be ready to have a discussion with the subscriber.

We’re not only harnessing the power of MobilePRO for installations at the subscriber premises—we’re using it for other field deployments, too. The app has been particularly useful in overseeing installations at construction sites where we’re often dealing with contractors.

Reducing Truck Rolls By 30 Percent, Increasing Resolution Times

By using this data and insights, we have been able to significantly increase instances of first call resolution (FCR)—and significantly reduce expensive truck rolls. For example, in 2019, we dispatched technicians to investigate network issues in 53 percent of trouble ticket cases. By 2022, technician dispatches had fallen by more than 30 percent as a result of us being able to identify and resolve issues more effectively.

By leveraging the power of Calix Cloud, we have been able to realize a single pane view of the entire subscriber experience. This has enabled our operations teams, support teams and field technicians to collaborate on delivering a premium experience for our subscribers.

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