November 14, 2022 by Quanda Hunter

Want To Acquire New Subscribers and Expand Into New Markets? Follow the Data


Quanda Hunter

Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Revenue EDGE—Calix Marketing Cloud, Calix


Even in rural markets across the U.S., competition is heating up for broadband service providers (BSPs), and everyone is looking for new ways to grow their business. Nearly half of the BSP executives surveyed by Calix and Heavy Reading focused their growth strategies on increasing market share in existing service areas or expanding into new regions. And for 47 percent of C-levels, fiber broadband network expansion ranks as the number-one investment priority.

Facing limited budgets and resources, BSP marketing leaders need to approach these opportunities strategically. They can’t go with their gut instinct when determining which new territories to explore. And when it comes to subscriber acquisition, “spray and pray” tactics are both ineffective and costly.

Target New Subscribers and Service Areas With Pinpoint Precision

Acquisition for broadband marketers has always been challenging. With competition at an all-time high, it’s even more important for BSPs of all sizes to find the right subscribers to help grow the business. So how can organizations compete in a crowded marketplace when speed is no longer a key differentiator? Data.

Data is the key to reducing risk and increasing success as you expand your business. With the right data, you can fine-tune your marketing campaigns so that your message resonates with prospects. With Calix Marketing Cloud Plus (Marketing Cloud Plus), your organization can access meaningful and actionable data. Here are three ways Marketing Cloud Plus enables you use a data-driven approach to achieve strategic growth initiatives.

  1. Identify and acquire new subscribers. Marketing Cloud Plus helps you to enrich your subscriber experience insights with powerful demographic, psychographic, and geographic data. This means you can locate and profile markets and identify high-value subscribers with pinpoint precision. You can then carry out strategic acquisition campaigns that maximize spend and yield the highest return. Service providers can also use these insights to grow specific segments of subscribers. For example, you may want to expand beyond your traditional residential subscribers to service businesses. Marketing Cloud Plus enables you to identify business customers and reach them with targeted messages and offers that meet their specific needs.
  2. Drive expansion into new service areas. With Marketing Cloud Plus, BSP marketers can upload ZIP/ZIP+4 code list files to view household and demographic insights about prospects within specified geographic regions. That means your organization can quickly tap into data on the number of homes in underserved areas to expand into new territories. Leverage insights on the percentage of prospects likely to sign up for new broadband services to simplify and streamline acquisition campaigns. You can even sharpen the focus of your outreach by parsing permissioned email addresses based on specific prospect profiles.
  3. Create strategic network build-out plans that drive ROI. With Marketing Cloud Plus, marketers can take acquisition one step further by using data to help inform the build-out planning process. The data available through Marketing Cloud Plus can help identify neighborhoods with the highest concentrations of subscribers likely to buy services. The result? A more strategic expansion that prioritizes the installs that will yield the highest and fastest return on investment (ROI). Once the install is complete, marketers can then focus on acquiring subscribers who most closely match their existing high-value customer profiles.

Craft Marketing Campaigns That Resonate with Subscribers

What if you could create a targeted email campaign for a prospect segment highly likely to want and need your services? With the data available in Marketing Cloud Plus, deploying finely focused campaigns is easy and effective. For example, Alliance Communications, a South Dakota cooperative, used Marketing Cloud Plus to run an email campaign to drive subscriber acquisition to support fiber expansion in new markets. The Alliance marketing team used their data to extract insights on their current subscriber base to find similar audiences—enabling them to identify work-from-homers in these new markets. With a deeper understanding of their prospects, Alliance created messaging that resonated with these households. The impact? Alliance achieved a 65 percent higher email open rate when leveraging the subscriber experience insights from Marketing Cloud Plus.

Subscribers are the lifeblood of every broadband business. Accordingly, every action BSP marketers take focuses on subscribers: how to identify, attract, acquire, excite, satisfy, and retain them. In today's increasingly competitive environment, taking a strategic, data-driven approach to subscriber marketing is more important than ever. With Marketing Cloud Plus, you have the intelligence and insights to grow your business by expanding into new territories, acquiring new subscribers, and rolling out new services to thrill subscribers.

Calix Marketing Cloud Plus can become the growth driver for your broadband business. To learn more, download our eBook, How to Unlock Data-Driven Insights to Improve Acquisition, Strengthen Subscriber Loyalty, and Grow Your Business.