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Sep 06, 2022
3 min

At Centranet We Give ALL Our Subscribers Powerful yet Simple Home Network Security

Simplicity is a strength. What do subscribers really want today? At Centranet, we say it’s security made simple.

You might have answered that question by saying, “What subscribers really want is blazing-fast speed.” That’s true. However, speed is table stakes today. Instead, broadband service providers must focus their marketing efforts on service and experience. We see simplicity as a strength.

Launched in 2020, our Centranet Ultimate Wi-Fi experience not only rivals the services provided by large, urban broadband service providers (BSPs), but also it’s tailored to address our rural communities' unique needs. We can do that thanks to the full power of the Calix Revenue EDGE platform, which provides us with critical insights into what our subscribers want.  


We’ve Blocked 8,700 Intrusions by Making Security Standard

Amid a climate of increased cybersecurity concerns, we understand our subscribers depend on us to keep them safe. That's why we decided to make ProtectIQ® a standard part of every internet package we offer. Now, not only are all our subscribers protected, but also we block thousands of monthly intrusions, viruses, and web threats from entering subscribers' home networks.

Our subscribers appreciate the role we play in simplifying their lives. With 100 percent of our subscribers using ProtectIQ, they can rest easy knowing we are here to protect their home networks and personal information. The proof is in the numbers: in the last 30 days alone, ProtectIQ blocked nearly 8,700 internet security issues. And because they have ProtectIQ, our subscribers can rest a little easier.

We also cut out the guesswork for our subscribers by offering two packages—100Mbps or 1 Gbps package. Multiple offerings can create complexity, so we incorporate these additional services, ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ™ parental control app​, into every plan as standard. This allows subscribers to select the right package to meet their lifestyle without adding the confusion too many choices can create. 


We Give Our Subscribers Easy-To-Manage Cybersecurity Services 

Our rollout of ProtectIQ started with one goal: simplicity. We know figuring out home network security is complex, and the average subscriber does not have the time, energy, money, or expertise to figure it out themselves. We spend time with every subscriber at the point of installation to ensure they are familiar with the Centranet app. A week later, we send a survey to check app usage, followed by a six-week email campaign (using the amazing content Calix provides through its award-winning Market Activation program). This follow-up email campaign reinforces the perks of our easy-to-manage cybersecurity services and effective parental controls. 

We've achieved phenomenal buy-in with our subscriber-first approach, including a 94 percent adoption rate of our Revenue EDGE service in the first two months of offering ProtectIQ. More importantly, by removing potential barriers to adoption, we guarantee every single one of our members is protected.  


Building on a Legacy and Delighting Our Subscribers

By offering additional services, rural internet experiences now meet or exceed that of those living in a more urban area. Centranet is committed to growing the long-term economic vitality of our rural communities by supplying critical, managed Wi-Fi services. The Centranet Wi-Fi experience uses the full power of the Calix Revenue EDGE platform, which enables us to easily tailor our services to address the unique needs of our rural communities. 

As a trusted service provider, we are acutely aware of the dangers of escalating cybercrime and understand the pitfalls. By including ProtectIQ as part of every internet package we offer, we can effortlessly and cost-effectively offer an added layer of protection for our subscribers' connected lifestyle. Even more important, we are now blocking thousands of monthly intrusions, viruses, and web threats from entering subscribers’ home networks. 

Supporting rural and often-overlooked communities is in Centranet's DNA. In 2020, when the global pandemic rocked all American households, rural communities were particularly vulnerable. After surveying the landscape, it became clear that Central Rural Electric Cooperative (CREC)—which brought electricity to rural Oklahoma more than 80 years ago—saw an opportunity to enrich lives and strengthen communities. And that’s what they did by founding Centranet. We understand the legacy from which we emerged, and we uphold it every day. That's why we are committed to investing in the long-term economic vitality of our rural communities by supplying critical, managed Wi-Fi services.  


Learn how to simplify home network security for your subscribers—schedule a marketing consult today

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