September 15, 2022 by Candice Mayberry Storsveen

Be the Greenest Network: Reduce Energy Consumption by 85 Percent With Calix Intelligent Access EDGE


Candice Mayberry Storsveen

Senior Manager Product Marketing, Calix


Protecting the environment is one of our generation’s most pressing challenges. People care about this topic. Companies across all industries are being impelled to step up and take responsibility for their environmental impacts—and that includes broadband service providers (BSPs). In fact, investors, regulators, and even your subscribers are demanding that you show leadership in this area.

As a BSP, you have an amazing opportunity to deploy a broadband network that will not only excite subscribers today but will also have a positive impact on our environment for multiple generations to come. This can only be achieved by rethinking how networks are built across the entire subscriber facing network, the part that touches every single subscriber. With platforms like Intelligent Access EDGE™, BSPs eliminate the need to deploy many large systems at the handoff to the core network to manage their subscribers. BSPs can now deploy right sized systems closer to the subscribers simplifying the operation of the network by consolidating many functions into a single system and also ensure a more sustainable network by reducing power requirements across the entire network.

An example of a forward thinking BSP is AcenTek, which serves rural communities across southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa and Michigan. To support their transition to a next generation network and deliver on their green broadband strategy across their entire end-to-end network, they chose the Intelligent Access EDGE and Revenue EDGE™ platforms.

As a result, AcenTek has now:

  • Reduced energy consumption in the access network edge by 73 percent. AcenTek used the Intelligent Access EDGE Platform to consolidate functions and to reduce their legacy Broadband Network Gateways (BNG) routers and DHCP servers. This greatly simplifies the operation of the network and AcenTek predicts energy consumption will plummet by as much as 73 percent.
  • Reduced energy consumption 85 percent by eliminating high-power remote cabinets and outdated DSL systems. By choosing the Intelligent Access EDGE platform for this part of the upgrade as well they ensured a simplified common operational model across the entire subscriber facing network. AcenTek also vastly reduced energy consumption and eliminated non-environmentally friendly copper by removing 113 remote cabinets and DSL systems and replacing them with as few as 10 central office-based Intelligent Access EDGE E7-2 systems. Ultimately, this upgrade reduced operational expenses and network energy consumption an additional 85 percent.
  • Enabled 50 percent energy savings on the subscriber’s home systems using GigaSpire BLAST in Revenue EDGE. AcenTek has launched the Calix GigaSpire BLAST system, part of the Revenue EDGE platform, to deliver managed Wi-Fi services to subscribers. This also delivers energy benefits. A single GigaSpire BLAST provides complete, whole-home Wi-Fi coverage in more than 90 percent of AcenTek subscriber homes that have it. This eliminates the need for additional energy-consuming hardware such as mesh units or pods and reduces home system energy consumption by more than 50 percent.

By rethinking the architecture of the network and looking across the entire subscriber facing network, BSPs can realize a range of operational and environmental benefits. The benefits include simplified and common workflows to provision, monitor and manage subscriber services, reducing operational expense by as much as 80 percent as well as the environment benefits of reduced physical space, power consumption, and cooling resources required to run networks.

Calix is committed to helping you deploy the most operationally efficient networks possible. Now is the time to show your communities that you are leading the green broadband transformation.

By partnering with Calix, Pierce Pepin is building its greenest network yet—watch the webinar, “How Pierce Pepin Is Going Green With Intelligent Access EDGE,” to learn how.