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For high bandwidth demands

GigaSpire u10xe System

The GigaSpire® u10xe is Wi-Fi 6E equipped with integrated ONT and Gateway with exceptional WAN connection flexibility for use in extreme bandwidth applications in homes and businesses


High-performance, high-speed connectivity multi-service system

The GigaSpire u10xe is a premium system supporting Telephony, IPTV, Gaming, and many other services found in homes and businesses where data capacity and usage run very high. Equipped with an SFP+ cage, the u10xe connects to the internet via a 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Active Ethernet or XGS PON interface to give broadband providers maximum WAN flexibility.

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Product details

The optimal, high-performance tri-band Wi-Fi service delivery system

Carrier-Class Broadband Connectivity

10 Gigabit Ethernet and XGS PON

 WAN and LAN multi-gigabit capability to concentrate traffic from up to 10 different WI-Fi streams over 3 distinct spectrums carry up to 9.6 Gbits worth of traffic from devices throughout the home and office.

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Service Consolidation

Combining ultra-fast Wi-Fi, IP Video and POTS services enable service providers to simplify the customer premises while driving increased revenue from one WAN connected System. The u10xe integrates smoothly into existing architecture leveraging similar OAM and subscriber self management capability.

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The Calix innovation platform provides service providers operational oversight and rapid introduction of value-added functionality.

A container-based platform allowing service providers to adapt their services offering with new, value-added capabilities to generate or increase recurring revenue and improved subscriber satisfaction.

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Industry awards and recognition

2024 Bronze Stevie award winner
GigaSpire u10xe for Telecommunications Product

American Business Awards recognizes the GigaSpire u10xe with the Bronze Stevie award for telecommunications product.

2024 Bronze Stevie award winner
Sustainability and climate protection

American Business Awards gives the Calix Broadband Platform a Stevie award for sustainability and climate protection.

Benefits and features

Delivering Wi-Fi 6E through the Calix GigaSpire u10xe

Investment protection

Use one system to deploy and leverage when delivering other value-added services to the subscriber. Numerous ports and a concentration of wireless connections allows service growth in a simple footprint

High-bandwidth connectivity

SFP+ based connectivity allows service providers to elect the form of fiber service connectivity or use copper 10 Gigabit Ethernet to support even the most bandwidth hungry applications

Simple installation, activation and maintenance

Calix Service Cloud allows the service provider to configure, activate and upgrade the GigaSpire BLAST u10xe quickly from a remote location

Consistent 6 stream Wi-Fi solution

Higher capacity support using either two band or 3 band capable systems

Ethernet and POS service delivery

Multiple GigE connections to support gaming and IPTV delivery with direct POS termination

Single management support platform

System management consistency using Calix Service Cloud

Technical specifications

GigaSpire u10xe technical specifications

  • SFP+ cage (with options for GPON, 10 GBT, XGS, and GE and 10GE Active Ethernet)
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet 

  • Wireless: 2.4 GHz (2x2), 5 GHz (4x4) and 6G (4x4)
  • 10 GE WAN/LAN
  • 4 GE LAN
  • 2 Voice Ports

  • 2.4 GHz (2x2)
  • 5 GHz (4x4)
  • 6 GHz (4x4)
  • Dynamic beamforming
  • Auto channel selection
  • Node steering
  • WPS push button

News and insights

A leading portfolio of carrier grade Wi-Fi 6E systems

Support the latest connected devices

The GigaSpire portfolio includes multiple Wi-Fi 6E systems. All are designed with simple plug-and-play connectivity, snapping right into the Unlimited Subscriber ecosystem. ​

Let your subscribers take advantage of the new 6 GHz spectrum and benefit from uninterrupted connectivity and reduced latency.

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The disruptive impact of W-Fi 6E on subscribers and service providers
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Power your future with Wi-Fi 6E from Calix
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