July 27, 2022 by Dean DeLitta

Even the Smallest Broadband Operations Team Can Reduce OPEX Up to 80 Percent—And Delight Subscribers


Dean DeLitta

Senior Customer Success Manager, Calix


Broadband operations teams of all sizes face increasing workloads and complexity. Unexpected outages and too many network alarms can drain resources. At the same time, teams must constantly “swivel chair” between different systems to get a full picture of what’s happening in the network. In this scenario, inefficiencies creep in and operational performance suffers—and so does your network.

It doesn’t have to be this way. What if you could simplify your broadband operations by automating processes? What if you could implement predictive network maintenance and performance monitoring? What if you could free up resources to focus on addressing your subscribers’ needs?

Well, you can. Broadband service providers (BSPs) migrating to the Calix Intelligent Access EDGE platform are realizing these benefits today. By moving functions closer to the subscriber-facing network, this platform simplifies service deployment and workflows. The result is a framework for transformation and increased automation across broadband operations.

Drive 80 Percent Faster Turnup Times and Reduce OPEX by Up to 80 Percent

As a Calix customer, you may be migrating from older EXA systems to Intelligent Access EDGE. In either case, Calix Operations Cloud (Operations Cloud) gives you everything you need to know about your network in a single dashboard. It aggregates common capabilities across both platforms. These include network health indicators, traffic management tools, and network and subscriber premises alarms. This means no more “swivel chair”—everything is in one place.

By adopting Operations Cloud on the Intelligent Access EDGE platform, you can:

  • Automate operations to turnup services up to 80 percent faster. Automation means processes such as service provisioning happen at lightning speed. Service providers that use Operations Cloud are reducing subscriber turnup times by up to 80 percent.

  • Reduce OPEX up to 80 percent by proactively addressing network issues. Operations Cloud enables broadband operations teams to identify, prioritize, predict, and fix network problems, often before subscribers even realize there’s a problem. By leveraging automation to eliminate repetitive network monitoring tasks, BSPs can reduce operating costs by up to 80 percent. At the same time, you’re able to free up valuable operations personnel to address more complex issues.

  • Reduce alarms and inbound service calls—and slash truck rolls by up to 40 percent. By using the remote monitoring and machine learning capabilities within Operations Cloud, teams can address service-impacting issues quicker than ever before. As a result, BSPs can reduce the number of costly truck rolls up to 40 percent.

Your Role in Delivering a Sensational Subscriber Experience

You don’t need to be a large and established BSP to reap these benefits. Even the smallest provider can use Operations Cloud to achieve amazing efficiencies across their entire subscriber-facing network. Sterling Local Area Municipal Broadband, for example, says the solution is allowing it to compete head-to-head with its larger rivals—and win. Another example is Canadian Fiber Optics, which is leveraging the economic benefits of Operations Cloud to serve some of Canada’s hardest-to-reach areas.

As a member of the broadband operations team, you play an integral role in delivering an exceptional subscriber experience. Ensuring optimum network health and performance is a key factor underpinning subscriber satisfaction.

But that’s just the start. By automating processes and reducing service complexity, you’re able to support an increasing number of devices and services within the home. So stop worrying about complexity—and focus on delivering the ultimate subscriber experience.

See how Operations Cloud can help you transform operations across your network, from the access edge to the subscriber premises.