April 7, 2022 by Candice Mayberry Storsveen

Top Five Network Challenges To Overcome To Succeed in Today’s Competitive Broadband Landscape


Candice Mayberry Storsveen

Senior Manager Product Marketing, Calix


What are the most significant obstacles you face today as a broadband service provider (BSP)? More importantly, what do you need to do to overcome them? You need to focus on five critical areas: scalability, sustainability, serviceability, security, and software.

Scalability: Growing Your Broadband Network Shouldn’t Be Painful

In a recent study of Calix customers, 52 percent of those surveyed disclosed that their primary revenue growth strategy is to upsell to its existing subscribers; 24 percent acknowledge the need to expand into new markets; while 24 percent plan to increase market share or diversify its customer base. Predictably, none of you are planning for zero advancements. So how will you prepare your broadband network and operations for rapid and maintainable growth? What can you do to ensure agile scalability now and into the future?

Sustainability: It’s Not Just About Recycling Decommissioned Equipment

For many, sustainability is about recycling, but it is so much more than that. It is defined as “the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.” What does that really mean to you as a BSP? How can you ensure you build a sustainable broadband network that will last well into the future? What are the unique challenges to BSPs in being sustainable corporate citizens?

Serviceability: Let The System Do The Heavy Lifting

As you grow, manual processes and swivel chair provisioning become increasingly cumbersome and overwhelming, and the serviceability of your broadband network is more important than ever. And as your subscriber base grows, so does the number of service calls, truck rolls, service offerings, and systems—all of which require maintenance and occasional repair. Is this conundrum keeping you up at night? How will you rise to the challenge of alleviating these growing pains?

Security: It Starts At The Network

Cyber-attacks are a major business risk with breaches having significant consequences leading to financial loss, data loss, and potential damage to your brand. When it comes to protecting your business, security integrates many factors: the surveillance systems that protect your tangible assets, the software that keeps your devices free of malware, and the tools that keep your broadband network secure. For BSPs, security starts at the network. How can you ensure your network is protected? And how can you leverage a secure network to deliver value-added security services to subscribers?

Software: Simplifying Your Broadband Network Is Easier Than You Think

The current evolution of networks to a software-enabled, application-centric architecture presents unique service delivery challenges. How will you advance, succeed, and leapfrog the competition in this new era of software-defined networks?

Throughout this series we will answer all these questions and more, ensuring you have the knowledge and tools to overcome these obstacles and achieve a future-proof broadband network ready for the multi-gig world of tomorrow. Up next in this blog series is Scalability, where we will address what you can do to ensure agile scalability now and into the future.


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