November 3, 2021 by Pam Ferguson

Six Reasons It's a Great Time To Be a Broadband Marketer


At last month’s ConneXions, I had the opportunity to talk with many broadband service provider (BSP) marketers. A central theme in our conversations was how Calix is making it easier than ever for them to be world-class marketers. It was great to hear this from our customers. Quarter after quarter, we continue to add new capabilities, forge new partnerships, and deliver new resources to help BSPs simplify their marketing, excite their subscribers, and grow their business. The new solutions, enhancements, and initiatives we announced in Las Vegas further underscore our commitment to marketing excellence and uniquely position our BSP customers to capitalize on the enormous market opportunity and growth potential ahead.

It’s a great time to be a broadband marketer—here are six ways Calix is helping marketers to deliver even greater impact in their business.

1. Gain the strategic advantage in new network builds and market expansion. With the groundbreaking Calix Marketing Cloud Professional Edition, marketers will have unprecedented access to rich behavioral data specific to the broadband industry and world-class demographic data from 122 million U.S. households with insights like age, family composition, technology adoption rates, income levels, and more. Now marketers can guide the network planning process by identifying future subscribers with the highest propensity to buy in their current serving area and in new geographies. Armed with Marketing Cloud Professional Edition, BSPs can manage new buildout expenses more effectively while prioritizing the fiber builds that will yield the highest and fastest return on investment (ROI).

2. Identify and acquire new subscribers to grow value.  By leveraging the behavioral and demographics data in Marketing Cloud Professional Edition, marketers can develop a 360-degree view of customers and prospects to better understand their needs. Marketers can use this insight to strategically carry out targeted campaigns that are highly effective for acquiring net new subscribers, maximizing spend and delivering the highest return.

Jordan Wehe of Jade Communications emphasized the importance of having the right data to fuel their business growth. As he said, “As our business grows, it is critical for us to have this additional insight to help us control our cost of acquisition, and ensure we are bringing on the right subscribers that will provide increased customer lifetime value.”

3. Implement targeted cross-sell and upsell campaigns to increase ARPU. With the breadth and depth of intelligence unleashed by Marketing Cloud Professional Edition, BSPs can craft high-impact upsell and cross-sell campaigns that increase ARPU and maximize subscriber lifetime value. For example, a marketer can pair a behavioral insight like bandwidth usage with demographic intelligence such as age and professional status to run a managed Wi-Fi upsell campaign with matching lifestyle imagery. Or, for a cross-sell campaign, marketers could identify subscribers that have adopted CommandIQ® and also have young children in the household to launch targeted campaigns featuring offers for  ExperienceIQ for enhanced parental controls.

2021 Calix Innovations in Marketing award winner Norvado is a great example of this. Norvado identified existing subscribers that would benefit from their managed Wi-Fi service and developed a creative upgrade program to convert nearly 200 subscribers to the service in less than 30 days.

4. Execute omnichannel marketing campaigns to excite subscribers and increase ROI. Following recent integrations with Facebook and Mailchimp, we’ve announced a forthcoming integration with leading CRM platform HubSpot with Marketing Cloud. This will enable BSPs of any size to tap valuable tools like email, landing pages, social, digital ads, and nurture data to launch omnichannel marketing campaigns directly from Marketing Cloud. Using HubSpot’s data and email automation capabilities, marketers will be able to use Marketing Cloud to seamlessly deploy omnichannel campaigns, tailored and targeted based on specific events and behaviors, such as regularly exceeding usage limits. This will help marketers achieve engagement rates well above industry benchmarks while simplifying marketing processes and maximizing ROI.

As John Hill of GVTC put it, “We are focused on delivering new and engaging experiences to our customers, and this integration will make our marketing team’s job significantly easier. They’ll be able to streamline marketing processes, freeing them to focus on more strategic initiatives while optimizing resources and driving efficiencies.”

5. Upskill marketing teams quickly with expert knowledge and best practices. We launched Broadband Marketing Academy to help BSPs upskill their teams, maximize their marketing resources, and compete more effectively with the consumer giants. Developed in partnership with marketing leaders from across the industry, the virtual curriculum spans seven tracks, delivering training, best practices, case studies, and expert insights for a range of roles and skillsets.

According to Bethany Chinadle at Triangle Communications, “Calix is taking impressive leaps forward to help broadband marketers learn how to eliminate subscriber churn, create new revenue streams, and increase average revenue per user (ARPU) to grow profitability.”

6. Access to sophisticated and engaging market activation content to grow your brand. To attract, engage, and excite subscribers, you need compelling content. At ConneXions, we announced the introduction of new and compelling market activation content in Revenue EDGE Enablement. In partnership with comedian and television star Gerry Dee (check out his show, Mr. D), we created a number of videos you can personalize with your brand. With the highest production and entertainment value, you can now easily and launch expensive-looking marketing campaigns—at no additional cost.

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