September 29, 2021 by Matt Howard

The Top Four Things Broadband Providers Can Learn About Marketing From Moneyball


I’m a huge fan of the movie Moneyball. It’s a great, true story. Faced with one of the lowest budgets in the league, Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane set out to completely transform his team. He traded the big stars and brought in less expensive players with high potential. He didn’t use traditional scouting or base his decisions on hunches or how good someone seemed on the surface. Instead, he used data to determine how successful the players would be. Of course, the A’s built a highly competitive team and essentially reinvented the business of baseball in the process.

I see parallels with broadband services marketing, particularly in how we’ve evolved to rely on data-driven intelligence. To win in today’s highly competitive market, broadband service providers (BSPs) need to expand their subscriber base, grow ARPU and drive new revenue streams, create new subscriber experiences, increase satisfaction, and reduce churn. And as a marketer, it’s your job to deliver high-impact programs and campaigns that achieve these critical objectives and rise above the competition.

But just as they found in Moneyball, the same approaches, tools, and tactics you’ve relied on for years are no longer enough. Today you need a marketing platform that will provide data-driven insights on your subscribers, help you deliver relevant, event-triggered communications, and maximize return on investment (ROI). That’s where Calix Marketing Cloud can provide huge value for your business. Here are four ways it can help you up your marketing game.

  1.  Unlike other solutions, Marketing Cloud was purpose-built to meet the unique needs of BSP marketers. Fully integrated with your OSS/BSS, Marketing Cloud utilizes contextual, behavioral data specific to the broadband industry. With this data-driven intelligence, you can uncover actionable insights on your subscribers and develop customized campaigns for acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell, and reduced churn. See how West Carolina Tel used the real-time behavioral insights generated by Marketing Cloud to move thousands of members to optimal service tiers, reducing service limit hits by 92 percent and improving member experience.
  2. Marketing Cloud gives BSPs the marketing capabilities once reserved for companies with massive budgets and huge marketing teams. Now you can do more than you ever thought possible—whether it’s extracting sophisticated data analytics, building audience segments, developing targeted messaging, and deploying multiple omni-channel campaigns, Marketing Cloud makes marketing easy and cost-effective.
  3. Marketing Cloud integrations make it easier than ever for small marketing teams to execute world-class marketing campaigns. So far, Marketing Cloud integrates with platforms such as Mailchimp and Facebook—and we have many more integrations to come. These integrations simplify and streamline processes like managing and exporting contact lists, creating lookalike audiences for acquisition campaigns, and monitoring and optimizing campaign performance and ROI, all within one cohesive, easy-to-use platform. Learn how CityWest leveraged Marketing Cloud and Mailchimp to drive email campaigns with open rates of 54 percent—262 percent higher than the industry average of 21 percent
  4. Maximize your marketing ROI. With automated workflows driving billing data, behavioral insights, and real-time marketing channel results and campaign performance directly into Marketing Cloud, you can quickly and easily calculate and assess the impact and ROI of your marketing spend on campaigns.

In Moneyball, the A’s ended up having a phenomenal season, including winning an American League record 20 consecutive games. You can do the same with your marketing and win new business by leveraging the data and insights only Calix Marketing Cloud can offer. As they say, the company with the best data wins!

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