July 13, 2021 by Quanda Hunter

How Did SCTelcom Grow Value by Winning 75 Percent Adoption Rates for Its Mobile App?


Some broadband service providers (BSPs) are now reporting mobile app adoption rates of 65, 70, and even well over 80 percent. These providers are beginning to see just how pivotal a mobile app is in transforming their business—driving new revenue streams, reducing support calls, and elevating the subscriber Wi-Fi experience.

For example, with its app firmly in use by a solid percentage of its subscriber base, SCTelcom is on the path of remarkable success. They are seeing the following key benefits.

  • Decrease in subscriber call volume because of the app’s ability to resolve the main reason for most subscriber related calls—SSID password resets. This reduction in support calls is also allowing them to reduce the number of truck rolls, leading to additional cost savings.
  • Increase in subscriber use and excitement of advanced services like ProtectIQ™ and ExperienceIQ™. They’re experiencing a 95 percent attach rate of their network security ProtectIQ solution and have plans for an upcoming marketing initiative to drive adoption of—and revenue from—ExperienceIQ, which gives their subscribers enhanced parental controls to manage content, applications and websites for devices connected to their home.  
  • Increase in subscriber engagement by leveraging mobile notifications. The app has become a become a cost-effective channel for them to communicate with subscribers, which is valuable for the SCTelcom marketing and customer support teams. It’s enabling SCTelcom to reinforce its brand, promote services, drive website traffic, and more.

SCTelcom can see these amazing benefits because the team has driven an impressive 75 percent adoption rate of their branded CommandIQ® mobile app to their GigaSpire BLAST customers across south central Kansas and north central Oklahoma. In a recent conversation, SCTelcom Marketing and Customer Service Manager Wendy Crenner, highlighted three key strategies that are working well for them to drive app adoption and the impact offering an app is having on their business by enabling them to reduce support calls and deliver new services.

Strategy #1: Send subscribers an email encouraging them to pre-install the app before your field techs arrive.

SCTelcom sends a pre-install welcome email to subscribers that highly encourage download of their branded CommandIQ app.

And as Wendy puts it, “We all know technician schedules are busy, and if a few minutes can be saved by having the app already downloaded by the customer, that’s a win.”

When they’re at the subscriber’s home, all SCTelcom technicians are required to finish the onboarding process within CommandIQ and share key features and benefits with the subscriber. This approach has been effective in showcasing what subscribers will get out of the mobile app and has been a great way to build excitement for the app’s capabilities such as running bandwidth tests, creating guest networks, and setting parental controls.

The team at SCTelcom also follows up with an email after each installation and strategically sends additional emails to subscribers if they still have not downloaded the app. They understand the importance and impact of having multiple touchpoints to increase the likelihood of mobile app download and use.

Strategy #2: Use data and insights to target specific subscribers based on use case.

The companies with the best data and insights win. We believe in that philosophy—and that's why we’re continuously creating broadband solutions that put the power of data in our customers’ hands. Leveraging data and insights from Calix Marketing Cloud, the only marketing platform purpose-built for the BSP marketer, SCTelcom was able to review subscriber usage data to identify heavy streamers and those subscribers most likely to be active gamers. SCTelcom then promoted the app and its benefits to this targeted segment of their subscriber base.

Imagine if you could do something similar, identifying your subscribers that would most likely benefit from the parental controls features offered in the mobile app or work-from home subscribers that would love to ensure that network traffic is prioritized for their home office devices.

Strategy #3: Invest in social media advertising to expand reach and capture new subscribers.

In addition to email marketing, SCTelcom ran social media ads to custom audiences, particularly on Facebook, as a main approach to reach their subscribers and promote the app.

“Cost for social [marketing] is relatively low compared to traditional approaches, which allowed us to really experiment and have some flexibility,” said Wendy. Planning multiple campaigns, each within four-week increments, Wendy and her team routinely analyzed social media metrics and tweaked their campaigns along the way based on insights from the campaign data. Hands down this is one of the benefits of social media marketing. The agility provided by social media marketing, along with relatively low costs, is an effective approach to marketing the mobile app along with the other services you offer to subscribers.

A Mobile App Is Helping SCTelcom Grow Its Value

SCTelcom is on a journey to become an experience-based provider and offering their branded CommandIQ mobile app plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. As the company focuses more on offering subscribers advanced managed Wi-Fi, powered by Calix Revenue EDGE, new services such as ProtectIQ, and home network control through their mobile app, they are attracting new subscribers and seeing continuous growth in their managed Wi-Fi subscriber count, which has increased by 20 percent since January.

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