July 12, 2021 by Jordan Wehe

Creating Marketing Magic: Jade Reveals Six Tips for Crafting Amazing Launches


After three decades as a family-owned telecommunications provider, we faced a dual threat in our southern Colorado market: the commoditization of broadband and a flood of new competitors. We all had the same speed tiers and pricing, and we knew we had to find a way to differentiate ourselves while delivering an unbelievable experience for our subscribers. That’s where Calix came in, with their comprehensive Revenue EDGE managed Wi-Fi solution along with their fantastic Customer Success Services and market enablement resources.

We launched Jade Premium Wi-Fi in packages based on subscriber behavior—streaming, surfing, etc.—and almost immediately, 20 percent of subscribers upgraded themselves from basic Wi-Fi and a lower service tier to one more appropriate for their needs. Since then, we’ve rolled out several new offerings, including our Jade Wi-Fi App and enhanced applications like ExperienceIQ™ and ProtectIQ™, and we’ve also recently undertaken a company rebranding to better reflect the magical experience we’re delivering to customers.

As Calix unveils its breakthrough Marketing Academy, they asked me to share some tips on delivering successful launches—here are six of my guiding principles.

1. Start with a vision.

Evolving from our telecoms roots, Jade had a vision of becoming a retail company that happens to sell internet services. We are focused on delivering customized, retail-like experiences for our subscribers while keeping our brand front and center at all times. The Jade Wi-Fi App (our branded version of CommandIQ®) is at the very heart of this vision, and we’re continuing to build on this by launching new capabilities like in-app purchases so that subscribers can upgrade their service tier or purchase a mesh extender with just one click on their mobile device.

2. It’s about the team.

One of the most critical factors in the success of your launch will be ensuring that your entire company is aligned and bought in. Every department—marketing, sales, operations, finance—plays an integral role in delivering an unparalleled subscriber experience, so you want to ensure that the whole team is on board and understands how they contribute to that experience and the value it brings for subscribers.

3. Know your customers.

Our sales and marketing teams have gone through extensive marketing training, including persona training, which helps them understand who would benefit most from our products. They can quickly identify if the customer is a family with children at home, or grandparents with grandkids that visit, or young people who aren't married. They know that the two first personas would be an ideal target for a parental controls application like ExperienceIQ™, while the third has no need for this service. Personas are critical in helping to shape your proposition and target your communications for maximum impact.

4. Speak to your audience.

Jade uses omnichannel marketing, but what differentiates us is that we know what kind of audience is on the other end. Our social audience is young and funny, so we create clever social media posts and memes that grab their attention. Our email audience is a bit older, so we take a slightly more conservative approach with our messaging there. It’s great to be able to use various channels to reach your audience, but make sure you’re selecting the one(s) that will resonate most and drive the greatest response.

5. Be true to your brand.

I think it’s essential to really understand and be true to your brand. Are you the funny brand? The edgy company? Or the serious one? It doesn’t matter which you are, but whatever you do, make sure that your messaging and tone of voice are consistent across all materials and all channels. Otherwise, you risk alienating your customer base.

6. Learn from your mistakes.

We’re an agile company, and we launched the Jade Wi-Fi app very quickly—we made the decision on a Friday and rolled it out on a Monday. About a week later, we realized that new processes that we put in place to train our customers on the app took extra time with our install and repair (I&R) techs, resulting in one fewer install each day. We converted this oversight into an opportunity and introduced an entirely new customer-facing position—the Wi-Fi Wizard—to complete the customer install over the phone, show them the benefits of the app, and make sure they are maximizing their broadband service. Now our I&R techs are freed up, and our customers get an extra level of service—that’s a win-win!

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