April 22, 2021 by Dan Bloch

See 37 Times Your Investment in Data-Driven Marketing in Just Three Years


A few weeks ago, I received a direct mail postcard from my provider. The offer, designed for new customers, promoted a service I already have with an offer I could not claim. A few days later, a salesperson showed up at my door to present the exact same offer. I was baffled and more than a little frustrated. How much money were they wasting to push an offer I couldn’t claim? Shouldn’t this company have data that shows I’m already a customer who has (and frequently calls to complain about) this service?

Unlike subscribers serviced by Calix customers, I don’t have the good fortune of living in an area with an excellent broadband service provider. My only options are consumer giants, and the experience leaves much to be desired. If you’re a Calix customer going up against one of these giants in your market, you have everything you need to blow these competitors out of the water in three simple steps.

Step #1: Use Data To Monitor the Subscriber Experience and Reduce Churn

For years, consumer giants like Google and Facebook have leveraged data sets to understand customers, maximize efficiency, and drive ROI on investments. Now, even small companies employ data scientists to do the same. With Calix Marketing Cloud, you don’t need a data scientist on staff. You have everything you need to create profitable, data-driven direct relationships right at your fingertips.

Of course, your marketers can track subscribers and their packages so you don’t make the same bumbling mistakes as my provider. But don’t stop there. Dive deep to monitor the subscriber experience. For example, leverage your data to identify which subscribers are at high risk of switching providers. Who is running into service tier limits or running speed tests frequently? Proactively identify and engage with them, and you can reduce churn and protect your bottom line.

Step #2: Send the Right Offer, at the Right Time, on the Right Platform

It doesn’t matter how big of a marketing budget your competitors have. Your data gives you the upper hand. Use it. The insights in Calix Marketing Cloud aren’t just for you to review and monitor at an executive level. That data empowers marketers to create personalized campaigns and send the right offer, to the right subscribers, at the right time, via the right channel.

When you identify those subscribers at high risk of jumping ship, don’t sit on the information. Use it to engage the subscriber directly before it’s too late. Push out educational content on improving their Wi-Fi experience or send a targeted offer for upgrading service tiers. With this data-driven approach to marketing, you stand out from the sea of generalized marketing to effectively excite and engage subscribers.

Look at the success of one Calix customer, Triangle Communications. In 2018, this broadband provider in rural Montana transformed its go-to-market approach using subscriber insights in Calix Marketing Cloud. The Triangle team used data to segment subscribers and target them with offers at the ideal times—and generated an additional $35,000 in revenue per month. By 2020, Triangle had realized 37 times the value of their initial investment in Calix Marketing Cloud.

Step #3: Optimize Marketing To Increase Your ROI

When you send a marketing message out into the world, you don’t have to wonder if it worked. You can look at attribution data to understand the exact ROI from any campaign. With each email you send or Facebook campaign you run, look at the results. Which platforms yield the biggest response? Monitor and adjust to continually improve your ROI.

While there are various ways to measure attribution on different marketing platforms, tracking it all can be complicated and disjointed. This is why many small companies fail to track appropriately and continue wasting their marketing dollars. I’m excited to share that we’re working on a way to make this all much easier and more intuitive for Calix customers.

New Ways To Win With Data-Driven Marketing

Upcoming updates to Calix Marketing Cloud will feature some game-changing new features that allow you to measure attribution and optimize ROI like never before. We’re working on integrations with popular platforms like Facebook and MailChimp to put real-time results data right in Calix Marketing Cloud. Soon, you’ll have easy access to valuable feedback on campaign performance, so you can identify what is or isn’t working for your brand and cut waste in your marketing spend.

We’re also working on a new dashboard to measure both current and maximum potential revenue. You’ll be able to check in daily to see your overall revenue, as well as revenue from various targeted marketing segments. We’ll also use data science algorithms to generate your maximum potential revenue if you achieved certain goals. With a measurable gap between actual and potential revenues, you can create a data-driven marketing plan to close that gap.

If my experience is any indicator, nationwide service providers are likely wasting millions of dollars on dead-end marketing. You don’t have to repeat their mistakes. With the cutting-edge insights from Calix Marketing Cloud, you can cut waste, drive a higher ROI, and outperform consumer giants every single time.

Learn to leverage data and outperform consumer giants in our webinar, “How To Offer the Premium Services That Subscribers Want.” If you’re a Calix customer, you can join one of our upcoming Circles of Success, Creating Marketing Campaigns Using Data.”