March 15, 2021 by Naylor Gray

STRATA Uses Its Personalized Mobile App To Keep Delighting Members


“Fast, reliable connectivity into and throughout the home was [a] start. But to grow our business, we need to continue to differentiate our offering by making the in-home broadband experience unbeatable.”  

So said Bruce Todd in a recent Calix press release about their go-to-market success, driven by the way his team has embraced Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) and CommandIQ®. Todd is the CEO of STRATA Networks, a community-focused communications cooperative based in Northeastern Utah, with services that span parts of three western states. It was founded more than half a century ago and has evolved from being a local telephone network to a leading provider of differentiated broadband experiences.  

Todd’s team is now leveraging a personalized version of the Calix CommandIQ mobile app (personalized under its brand as “STRATA Hub”) to deliver value-added services and continually excite its device-enabled members. Isn’t it stunning? 

How STRATA Uses Its Mobile App to Drive Revenue  

After introducing the BLAST Systems to members in 2020, STRATA pivoted quickly to enhancing and customizing the STRATA-branded Wi-Fi 6 experience with EDGE Suites, leveraging the real-time behavioral insights with machine learning from Calix Marketing Cloud to target members who would benefit from these new experiences. As a result of their targeted marketing campaign, STRATA has seen a 60 percent increase in the adoption of STRATA Hub. The team has also seen a whopping 59 percent increase in downloads of the EDGE Suites, including:  

  • ProtectIQ™ for enhanced virus and malware protection of the member’s Wi-fi network, and  
  • ExperienceIQ™ for parental controls. 

The Calix CommandIQ mobile app provides a direct communication channel between communications service providers (CSPs) and subscribers, which is key to integrating perpetual upsell and revenue-generating opportunities. With this 60 percent increase in adoption of CommandIQ, STRATA is taking full advantage of advanced subscriber insights and mobile-notification capabilities through Calix Marketing Cloud.  

Targeted Marketing Converts 20 Percent of Mobile Notifications into EDGE Suites Adoption 

In addition, the marketing team can leverage easy-to-customize resources from the EDGE Enablement program to quickly launch campaigns with the Calix Customer Success team supporting them at every step. STRATA’s most recent campaign to drive new application downloads converted an impressive 20 percent of mobile notifications into EDGE Suites adoption—more than 10 time the industry average according to the “2019 Mobile App Benchmark Report” from Upland Software.  

Always thinking ahead, STRATA is already expanding their portfolio of services to include connected cameras from Arlo Technologies—these are pre-integrated into Calix EDGE Suites and enable STRATA to drive greater revenue and delight members.  

Want to build your brand via a personalized mobile app attached to your managed Wi-Fi offering? Register to watch our March 24 webinar, “The Power of the Mobile App.” You can also join the Calix Community Group for 21.1 UI/UX updates