March 15, 2021 by Joe Kohegyi

Now Your Brand Can Be as Cool as Any Billion-Dollar Consumer Giant


Is your marketing team looking to make your brand seem as cool and exciting as the tech giants? Are you trying to cut through the marketing messages your subscribers receive daily so you can communicate with them directly? Maybe you’re competing with other service providers that offer mobile apps as part of their managed Wi-Fi service?  

Building strong relationships with subscribers starts with one thing: your brand. Not someone else’s. And your brand is an opportunity to reinforce the myriad ways you deliver to subscirbers, every day. Recently we embarked on a top-to-bottom redesign of the CommandIQ® app. The stunning new version offers a unique combination of consumer design and carrier-class capabilities to elevate a service provider’s brand, while enabling flawless delivery of managed services. Let's face it, subscribers today want a simple, intuitive way to access the insights and tools required to command every aspect of their connected home, even self-service and support. For example, parents may want a simple way to secure their homes and devices from threats like malware and intrusions. With CommandIQ, your subscribers can:  

  1. Set prioritization of devices, applications (in My Priorities”). 
  2. View connected devices and run speed tests. 
  3. Set guest networks, parental controls, and access advanced security features. 
  4. Reset the SSID and password for their Wi-Fi. 
  5. Enable new capabilities like connected cameras and device protection. 
  6. Find the self-help resources to get quick answers to their questions. 

CommandIQ delivers everything subscribers need to control every aspect of the connected home experience. A simple, intuitive design puts the information they need at their fingertips to set priorities for performance and security for every device, application, room, and family member. These are all services subscribers want and need today—and will soon be table stakes for your brand.  

How This App Compares To Others 

Here’s the best part. The Calix CommandIQ mobile app is designed to be personalized with your brand—not ours. Calix customers like Fibersonic, Norvado, and Blackfoot Communications are already using their branded versions of the CommandIQ mobile app to reinforce the value they deliver to subscribers every day, and thereby strengthen those relationships.  

Look at the apps of the “other” Wi-Fi providers, below. Notice what’s missing? Your brand! 

Our latest UX/UI takes your brand to the next level with further simplification, ease of use for you and your subscribers, and enhanced technical capabilities that will allow you to increase engagement, drive up-sell for new services, and grow ARPU. See the difference it makes with your brand front and center?  

With your branded version of the CommandIQ app, you can begin to evolve your in-home subscriber experience beyond the “box” to launch new services, and tailor Wi-Fi solutions to grow your business. The CommandIQ app, as part of your Wi-Fi service, helps you elevate and differentiate your brand to build trust and create loyal subscribers. You can personalize your CommandIQ brand in the Google Play and Apple app store and use the app for:  

  • Streamlining subscriber onboarding and service adoption. 
  • Increasing your brand awareness. 
  • Enhancing your customer service support. 
  • Opening a direct channel of communication for new, tailored services. 

Finally, let’s not forget about the data. The new CommandIQ UI is an amazing way to gain insight into your subscribers’ needs.  

  • Are they running regular speed tests, signaling the need for a higher tier of service?  
  • Are they managing multiple connected devices, signaling a need for proactive support?   
  • Are they experiencing poor Wi-Fi connectivity in parts of the house, triggering an offer for a mesh unit?  

The key to keeping subscribers happy and engaged will depend on how well you can humanize your brand through the advanced solutions and services that solve problems. This is exactly what the new CommandIQ mobile app provides for you.  

Want to build your brand via a personalized mobile app attached to your managed Wi-Fi offering? Register to watch our March 24 webinar, “The Power of the Mobile App.” You can also join the Calix Community Group for 21.1 UI/UX updates