March 16, 2021 by Bridget Watkins

How To Deepen Subscriber Relationships With a Dedicated Communication Channel


What’s the best way to create deep and continuous relationships with your subscribers today? Increasingly, the answer is, “Mobile apps.” Data from eMarketer shows that, among the vast majority of time US adults spend connected to the internet on mobile devices (at an average of four hours a day), 88 percent of that time will be spent in apps.  

Knowing how critical mobile apps are becoming, Calix surveyed our service-provider customers in the spring of 2020 to find out how we could make our CommandIQ® mobile application work even better. The CommandIQ app—which you can easily personalize under your brand and no one else’s—provides a simple and intuitive way for subscribers to view and control every aspect of the connected home.  

As subscribers embrace new technologies (such as home-network security, parental controls, and connected devices) they need a “control hub” to view and control their connected homes. Based on customer feedback about CommandIQ, we made several innovative changes and recently launched the app with a beautiful new design and carrier-class capabilities. 

An Intuitive Mobile App That Will Delight Your Subscribers 

The design is intuitive, which means your subscribers will be able to view and control every aspect of their home networks—from running speed tests and setting up guest networks and parental controls, to receiving automated security alerts, with the simple push of a button. This will increase their satisfaction with you as an organization and reinforce the value that you deliver through your entire service. You can also leverage the Mobile Notification feature in the app to send push notifications, and seamless integration with Calix Marketing Cloud means you can easily segment subscribers for targeted messaging. 

We previewed the app before our launch, and our customers agreed the redesign is a terrific way to delight subscribers and establish a dedicated, one-to-one communication channel with them. This means the app is a perfect tool you can use to reinforce and grow the value you deliver to them every day. Here’s what a few customers had to say about the preview of the redesign.  

New Home Screen: “Love that you can see who it is, where it’s coming from and which devices… it’s everything you want.”  

My Priorities: “I wish I could lower my husband’s gaming on the list when I am on work calls!” 

People: “It’s kind of cool you can see what devices are attached to each person, their usage.” 

Best Practices to Help You Launch the Mobile App Experience 

So, what are the top 10 best practices to roll out this new mobile app experience and leverage it as a communication channel with your subscribers?  

  1. Take the CommandIQ Calix Academy Course.  
  2. Download and use the app.  
  3. Participate in Calix Virtual Engagements to learn more and ask questions.  
  4. Join the Calix Community and our group for 21.1 information and questions.  
  5. Let your subscribers know what to expect and when it’s going to happen. By announcing these changes, you can drive excitement and engagement.  
  6. Tease the upcoming changes for the new and improved experience.  
  7. Leverage marketing library in the all-new Electronic Content Builder (ECB) with some quick personalization of your logo and colors.  
  8. Update your print and digital collateral with screen shots, instructions, and FAQs.  
  9. Get your new CommandIQ or personalized videos uploaded to YouTube and your website so subscribers can quickly see how to use the app.  
  10. Ask your Calix success manager to help you identify your current CommandIQ users and use Mobile Notifications to send them information directly on the app.  

We are excited to share this new experience with you and your subscribers. And we can’t wait to see how you use the app to deliver the best services—all under your brand, and no one else’s.  

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