August 19, 2020 by Kezia Gollapudi

30 Percent of Truck Rolls are Avoidable With the Right Data Insights


The true cost of truck rolls is getting higher all the time.

It’s not just adding up the tangible expenses like labor, fuel, insurance, and maintenance. It’s also calculating the negative impact on subscriber experience. On top of that, safety concerns and social distancing protocols today add to the complexity. Many subscribers let repair technicians enter their homes only with extreme caution, and the risk, time, and effort every dispatch requires from your field techs is growing as well.

As many schools embrace online learning and work-from-home has become the norm, service degradation and disruptions are now under a magnifying glass. It’s critical that your team understand how to resolve issues quickly and remotely, and also explore how to proactively minimize truck dispatches.

The right data uncovers how to avoid truck rolls.

Union Wireless, a Wyoming-based telecommunications provider got a head start last year. The Internet support team started tracking call outcomes via Calix Support Cloud as soon as the capability was built into the solution. The familiar workflow made it easier for the team to adopt quickly, but the data that they are able to capture is what makes it unique compared to the other generic tools they had relied on before.

By tracking the reasons for the inbound calls, the types of troubles, and the resolutions at a granular level, specific to internet troubles, the intelligence at their fingertips is priceless. By analyzing that data regularly, they quickly identified that 30 percent of the truck rolls are avoidable with the right agent training. The visibility they need to troubleshoot remotely is available via Support Cloud, but it became apparent that there were gaps in their agent training. The time investment in coaching the team is much smaller compared to the powerful results.

Additionally, their field resources freed up for new installs allowing them turn up new services faster, accelerating revenue generation.

Data visualization delivers faster and better insights.

With the recent introduction of a dashboard for interactive reports built into Support Cloud, analyzing the data is now effortless. As Kristy Rhodes at Union Wireless said, “We’re very excited to have this new reporting dashboard built into the solution. It’s going to make it much easier to analyze trends quickly and identify more opportunities to improve our operations.”

Static reports require time-consuming manual effort to organize and convert to meaningful information. But automated data visualization and dynamic filtering make it easier and simpler to track key trends over time and find hidden problems and opportunities. Service providers can slice and dice the data at hand and do deeper dives as needed. More importantly, it allows them to quickly apply that intelligence to make better business decisions.

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