June 2, 2020 by Bridget Watkins

How Do I Show My Subscribers I Value Them?


Subscriber experience is increasingly being added to the list of metrics and objectives our Service Provider customers measure. As a result, much of my time is spent brainstorming different techniques and sharing best practices on ensuring subscribers know how much we value them.

The research

I came across some research this week that made me think of a recent success one of our customers had with a campaign that perfectly demonstrated the findings of the research. Marketingcharts published some research from Ometria on how subscribers said companies can make them feel valued. Some interesting results:

  • 59 percent: Offer me promos and perks that you don’t offer everyone else
  • 49 percent: Only contact me about promotions and product launches that are relevant to my interests
  • 49 percent: Send me a follow-up email after I make a purchase with related content
  • 49 percent: Ask for my feedback on purchases and my overall customer experience
  • 46 percent: Send me product recommendations that are tailored to the things I like

We likely recognize our own feelings as consumers in some of these comments regarding our own preferences. But as a marketer, it can sometimes be easier to skip these steps and use the same offers and collateral for everyone. However, you may not be happy with the results.

Seeing the research in action

YK Communications, a family owned company in south Texas, recently tested this theory and the results are quite astonishing. They have been expanding Fiber into some new areas and realized they still had people on old Internet plans who weren’t truly seeing the benefit that Fiber can provide.

Using Calix Marketing Cloud they were quickly able to identify subscriber segments where the experience was likely suffering. The two segments they decided to focus on were the gamers and those working from home. Their samples align with the research:

  1. They created an offer that they didn’t offer to everyone
  2. They tailored the offer to things that were meaningful to the specific subscriber

Approaching this aggressively with a two-week plan, they worked with our Go To Market Partner, Cornerstone, to develop omni-channel collateral to deliver this message. To start the cycle they sent a postcard to the target market, followed up 4 days later with an email and finished with a call from a CSR if they hadn’t signed up yet.

The results spoke for themselves. Over 50 percent of subscribers upgraded and more than 30 percent upgraded more than 1 tier of service. The cost per upgrade during this campaign was less than $1.00.

Russell Kacer, President of YK Communications said “Our Calix success manager was great to help us with the segmentation to start this campaign, we never would have seen these results without using Marketing Cloud.”

Making these results your own

These results reflect similar stories from other customers using data-insight driven segmentation, ensuring they are delivering meaningful messages to their subscribers all while illustrating how much they value them. You can check out more success stories here with tremendous results in ROI and learn more about Calix Marketing Cloud. We are here to help, so reach out any time to learn more about how you can duplicate these results in your own campaigns.