June 8, 2020 by Bernd Hesse

Where Are We After 30 Years Passive Optical Networking?


BASe Series "PON Reality Check 2020" going virtual to secure the delivery of key insights into the state of PON innovation, technology, standards, and ecosystems.

Created by tech leaders for tech innovators, BASe is a global Broadband Forum Seminar series that provides attendees with cutting-edge insights into new technologies. Created by technology innovators for technology leaders, BASe events consist of a world-class line-up of major operators, technology leaders, and industry analysts bringing innovative perspectives and actionable insights to participants.

The COVID19 outbreak has changed the face to face workshops into virtual events with a series of webinars.   

Calix is actively involved in planning and presenting at these events providing thought leadership in the Broadband Access market. For Calix customers, the AXOS Intelligent Access EDGE solution’s recognition for continued innovation is no surprise, because it's supporting everyPON architecture. For leading service providers like Verizon and CityFibre, this means the AXOS Intelligent Access EDGE solution continues to deliver on the promise and any subscriber or network need of tomorrow.

Join the webinar series—“PON Reality Check 2020”—and get the information and insights you need to keep on top of cutting-edge perspectives in the industry. Hear from industry leaders within service providers, analyst firms, solutions vendors, and component manufacturers as they share their latest views on market direction, technology and standards progress, and best practices.

This webinar series, consisting of six 60-90-minute sessions, will be held every two weeks and started May 14, 2020, continuing through June and July.

Past Webinars in the BASe PON Reality Check 2020 Series

  • Market update: The Worldwide  PON Market—May 14
  • Ecosystem update: The State of PON Components—May 28

Future Webinars in the BASe PON Reality Check 2020 Series:

  • Ecosystem update: The State of Vendor PON Solutions—June 11
  • The State of PON applications in the telco market—June 25
  • Best practices - PON challenges today and in the future—July 09
  • The state of PON applications in the MSO market—July 23

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