June 12, 2020 by Kevin Kuo

Taking The Express Lane to Simplifying and Streamlining Your Service Provisioning and Back Office Operations

Are you one of the many that have opted for those “Express” signs you see while traveling on your local freeways? I know I have. However, there are pre-conceived notions around the expectations of the benefits that you will receive when electing to travel down those express lanes. For example, the assumption that you will not only save time but also avoid adding levels of frustration to your daily activities are most likely the two largest drivers that go into your decision-making process.

This same mindset applies to today’s service providers when it comes to expediting their back office integration and accelerating their service provisioning capabilities. There is a real opportunity for you to simplify your operational support systems (OSSs) by introducing a highly automated and dynamic approach to service operations. As API-based approaches are now used deep inside the network, increased automation and highly dynamic operational processes instill the required flexibility and service agility to enable rapid service creation and the operational scaling to be successful well into the future. Automation is the key enabler, and by automating manual back-office integration functions, you can immediately begin to decrease time to market while simultaneously reducing your service delivery intervals.

With that in mind, by utilizing the AXOS platform and SMx, you can realize faster time-to-revenue capabilities while also lowering your operational cost structure by simplifying everything that relates to provisioning services and delivering a high-quality subscriber experience. Your ability to modify your front- and back-office operations in order to achieve more flexible and resilient solutions are what matters the most, especially given the challenging times we are all facing today.

For additional details, you can listen in on our upcoming webinar entitled “Access EDGE Tools—SMx Tips and Tricks”. This interactive session will share some very valuable “tips and tricks” on how you can leverage the Intelligent Access EDGE Services Management Connector (SMx) to simplify and automate your daily operational workflows. This webinar will share best practices and some great insights and hacks on how to optimize your workflows in the areas of service provisioning, AXOS system upgrades, backups and restores, etc. through the use of targeted demonstrations. You can register for the Network Edge Innovation Tech Talk webinar here.