April 7, 2020 by Dean DeLitta

Get Better Visibility into the Broadband Performance of Your Essential Subscribers


In today’s critical global situation with COVID-19, it is even more important that communications service providers (CSPs) keep a close eye on their high value subscribers to ensure availability on their broadband services. While service uptime has always been important, it is a top priority now since consumers are even more dependent on connectivity for remote working, telemedicine, and distance learning. The task of maintaining a highly available network is even more challenging, however, for those experiencing a reduced work staff or altered workforce behavior due to new and evolving government requirements.

Remote Monitoring Service (RMS) customers are getting added visibility into network issues impacting their high value accounts that include subscribers like first responders, hospitals, schools, and essential businesses with Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The ability to identify issues impacting these groups helps CSPs provide an added level of attention and prioritization in their incident management and service assurance workflows.

RMS utilizes a cloud-based machine learning platform to provide 7x24 alarm monitoring with immediate notifications for the most critical subscriber impacting events. One of the most valuable features of RMS is its high value account monitoring capability. CSPs can designate and assign subscribers as high priority within RMS giving them the ability to identify when and how a high value account is impacted.

The RMS machine learning platform associates alarm events with any impacted high value subscribers and distributes a real-time, detailed notification to the CSP’s operations team. The notification information includes subscriber contact information, business name, and other pertinent data associated with the high value account. This arms technicians with more actionable information to help prioritize and resolve incidents impacting their high value subscribers. It also enables them to keep the subscriber aware of the status of the problem and what they are doing to resolve it.

Within the RMS Reporting and Analytics Portal customers can easily filter alarms to only display those that are associated with their high value accounts. In the Portal, the user can graphically see current and historical alarms for each of the high value accounts. This advanced analysis includes insights to determine what the problem is, where it resides, and, by trending historical alarm data, proactively identifies performance issues and resolves them before the subscriber reports a problem. 

Setting up high value accounts can be done through the RMS self-management screens, but your Calix Customer Success Manager is also available to provide best practices and help accelerate these efforts. Contact the Calix Customer Success team here to learn more.

You can also learn more about RMS and high value accounts in our webinar on April 8, Operations in the New Normal. Register here