February 4, 2020 by Greg Owens

Home Network Security Provides Peace of Mind

A 2019 survey found that information about privacy and security are important considerations in technology-related buying decisions for 77 percent of consumers. The same study reported that more than one quarter (28 percent) of people who have not purchased a ‘smart home’ product (such as a security camera, thermostat, or light bulb), cite privacy and security concerns as the primary obstacle.

These concerns are understandable, given the fact that many low-cost smart home devices offer little to no security protection, making them vulnerable

Keep your subscribers' home networks safe

For technically savvy consumers purchasing software that protects their connected devices from malicious websites, viruses, and ransomware is a no brainer. But what about the vast majority of subscribers; the ones who do not understand the threats?

Communications service providers (CSPs) have a unique opportunity to strengthen their brand by providing subscribers with tools that provide protection from online threats and improve the overall experience while, at the same time, reducing the number of costly support calls, generating additional revenue, and decreasing churn.

ProtectIQ™: Home network protection to thwart malicious activity

ProtectIQ™ is a network-level security application—part of the EDGE Suites within the Calix Revenue EDGE solution—that provides malicious website protection, anti-virus and anti-ransomware packet inspection, and intrusion detection.

ProtectIQ proactivity monitors network traffic coming into your subscribers’ homes (over the EXOS-powered Calix GigaSpire), automatically blocking anything that looks suspicious.

Subscribers use the CommandIQ™ mobile app to enable their security controls, receive security-related notifications and alerts, and add trusted devices to a ‘white list’.


Want more information?

For more information about ProtectIQ, watch the replay of the recent webinar “Transforming your business model: Opportunities for service providers in 2020”. Hosted by Alison Diana of Broadband World News, this webinar tackles the challenge of transforming existing business models by offering compelling new services—like network security—that generate value for subscribers.