February 6, 2020 by Teresa McGaughey

Help is on the Way! XGS-PON, NG-PON2, 10G EPON Made Easy


Temperatures outside have started to tease us in Nashville to believe spring is on the way.  It makes me think about all the things I should do to be ready for spring and summer, like getting the gardens ready, trees trimmed, and the house cleaned. It quickly becomes overwhelming, especially when you want to get it done quickly. So, when this happens, it’s time to get help. 

The same is true when it’s time to move to a new technology and/or solution in your network. For example, 3 Rivers Communications realized they needed to add more bandwidth for a resort in the region and this meant deploying XGS-PON. Since 3 Rivers had limited PON experience, they asked Calix Professional Services to help. (Learn more about 3 Rivers' XGS-PON deployment in the video below.)


Whether you’re just looking to gain more knowledge on 10G PON or augment your team with our deployment services, Calix is here to help. To learn about 10G PON, you can access our whitepapers, like Next-Generation PON: Eliminating physical constraints from the access network. We also have courses that teach you more about the PON technologies or the operation of the Intelligent Access Edge systems, such as Introduction to NG-PON2 in our course catalog.

Let us know how Calix can help accelerate your 10G PON deployments.