January 27, 2020 by Tom Schroer

Liberty Communications’ Investment in Managed Wi-Fi Process Improvement Pays Off

What if you could provide your managed Wi-Fi technicians the knowledge to improve your subscribers’ signal strength by a factor of seven? It could result in one less installation revisit, one less truck roll, and one less dissatisfied subscriber. It could also mean improved subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) and improved installation productivity.

Speed, consistency, and quality are important factors in both delivering new services and introducing new technology to your subscribers. Your field technicians performing the installations are your front line ambassadors to make the subscriber experience memorable.

With these factors in mind, Calix Professional Services recently worked with the Liberty Communications team on their managed Wi-Fi service offering.

“One of the biggest reasons we engaged the Calix Services team with the EDGE Enablement Workshop was that we wanted to have all the technicians trained at the same level so that we have a consistency among them,” commented Marcus Behnken, plant operations manager at Liberty Communications.

That’s one of the benefits of the EDGE Enablement Workshop. The Calix Professional Service expert starts with a remote workshop to understand existing workflows and service delivery objectives.  Next, they deliver a two-day workshop with the operations teams to cover best practices, Wi-Fi technology updates, service delivery workflows optimization, and actual field demonstrations on installation and troubleshooting.

Marcus noted that the Service exceeded expectations on Wi-Fi technology insights to improve performance within a subscriber’s location. It additionally helped with troubleshooting workflows and expediting resolution of problems during installation, even providing ways to prevent it from ever happening. As a result, Liberty Communications has been able to reduce the installation times by up to half and do it correctly on the first visit.

Also, during an installation, the Calix Professional Services expert showed how to properly locate the GigaFamily system, and using tools available in Calix Support Cloud, the Liberty team was able to effectively increase the subscriber’s bandwidth. The subscriber saw a download improvement by a factor of seven by using proper placement and configuration techniques. Now, where this subscriber could previously only support 50 Mbps download speeds, they are receiving up to 400 Mbps.


Find out more about the engagement with Liberty Communications in the video above and in this recent webinar where Marcus shared some amazing results after working with Calix Professional Services. You can find more about the EDGE Enablement Workshop by going to the Calix Professional Services web page.