January 30, 2020 by Teresa McGaughey

Deploying 10G PON: How to Get Started


If you’re like me, you find that getting started with any seemingly daunting project is always the hardest part. Once you can break down the project into distinct tasks and understand it all, it typically becomes easier to move forward. If this is where you are with deploying 10G PON, let’s start by breaking it down.

  • Choose your 10G PON technology
  • Integrate new systems and technology into your BSS/OSS
  • Deploy 10G PON systems

I’ve definitely simplified the project, and many of you will say I’ve oversimplified it. But I think you’ll agree that these are the three biggest areas to focus on. You should also know that you are not alone. Yesterday, in the first of the new 2020 Network Edge Innovation Tech Talk Series, 75 percent of attendees indicated they planned to deploy 10G PON within the next three years. 

In order to make 10G PON deployment easier, here are some resources related to the three main focus areas that may be helpful:

Next week, we’ll examine the questions we are frequently asked related to 10G PON deployment and how it can be simplified.