November 19, 2019 by Tom Schroer

Invest in Your Operations to Improve Quality and Deployment Productivity

What if you could get 50 percent more productivity and better efficiency from your implementation teams? You may be deploying the best platforms to deliver advanced services to your subscribers, but did you know that improper team skill levels, unclear objectives, and execution issues are the biggest reasons why technology implementation projects go wrong?

Calix Professional Services has developed a collection of enablement and automation tools in our Deployment Enablement Services through our experience from over 5,000 implementation projects that can now help service providers innovate their operational processes and deployment teams.

The Calix Professional Services team recently started working with 3 Rivers Communications to help accelerate their aggressive FTTH build out schedule. The first step Calix Professional Services took was documenting and training on best practices that covered central office and remote site surveys, effectively a process that involves a detailed inspection of a planned site to ensure the needed equipment and tasks are identified and planned out to properly complete a deployment project. In this case, the projects involved Calix AXOS E7-2 and B6 installations.

Secondly, 3 Rivers took advantage of the Calix MobilePRO smartphone app to ensure technicians followed and documented the correct steps during site audits and surveys for subsequent installation quality reviews. The Calix team customized the steps covered in the MobilePRO app to 3 Rivers’ environment and trained the team how to use it.

After using it on projects, Ray Williamson project coordinator network elements, commented that, “The MobilePRO App will change the way 3 Rivers approaches all of its projects… It’s going to change business for us on all product lines other than just Calix gear.”

He also saw an impact on productivity and costs that could almost double the number of projects they can take on. Saving money and time also have additional derivative effects on the 3 Rivers deployment strategy above and beyond productivity improvements. Ray pointed out that it also means another serving area, or possibly another FTTH exchange, can become part of the budget, increasing the opportunity to deliver more fiber and reduce the amount of time needed for construction.

Learn more from the 3 Rivers Communications team as they chronicle their use of the Deployment Enable Services in this video interview. 


Also, join our webinar on November 22, where 3 Rivers and Calix Professional Services will discuss their application of the tools within the Deployment Enablement Services, and how they can be used to accelerate network deployments and improve quality. Register today.