September 24, 2019 by Carl Meyerhofer

Think Beyond Broadband for Your Fiber Network


Many communities just like yours are filling a gap in connectivity by building broadband networks for their residents. These networks deliver on a critical need across rural communities: connecting residents to high-speed Internet. But there’s more to this “build a broadband network” story – providing connectivity – that you should know.

Why You Should Think Bigger – Beyond Broadband

Your network build is an opportunity to position your community for success long into the future. That’s because a fiber broadband network provides the infrastructure foundation to deliver more than simple connectivity and offers significant benefits to residents that are “beyond the balance sheet.”

  • Provides application flexibility and unmatched speed/capacity helping to future-proof your network investment
  • Serves as the catalyst for deploying Smart City technology, which enables the city to deploy bandwidth intensive applications such as video surveillance systems for enhanced security, helping to ensure the safety of citizens 
  • Scales as the city grows and has the capability to gather and analyze vast amounts of data, allowing you to predict growth trends, understand traffic patterns, and anticipate construction and service needs 
  • Enables the deployment of Smart Grid applications allowing the city's electric utility to run more effectively and efficiently, while preserving natural resources and reducing pollution

But Wait, There’s More

As the mobile world turns to 5G for exponentially faster download and upload speeds, an existing fiber backhaul infrastructure enables a 5G carrier to more easily deploy their network across your community, particularly in spatial rural green spaces. So, you can ensure your community is well positioned to grow and stay competitive while maintaining the very things residents cherish about living and working in a rural community.

If your community is considering building a fiber broadband network, make Smart City, Smart Grid, and 5G technologies part of the business justification when securing funding and support for the project.

Building the network and providing connectivity to your community is just the beginning of providing next generation technologies. Listen to the webinar: Electric Co-Ops Talking Broadband, the Newest Utility for real-life examples of electric co-ops that have moved forward with broadband deployment. Also, be sure to register for the Electric Cooperatives Summit on October 27, 2019, co-located with Calix ConneXions. This educational summit features industry and association experts discussing topics specific to all Electric Cooperatives researching, building or managing broadband networks.

If you are a municipality interested in Smart City Applications, join us at the Smart City Symposium with partner Mountain Connect on October 27, 2019, co-located with Calix ConneXions. Learn from municipalities discussing real-world implementations as we discuss a variety of topics including intelligent transportation, cybersecurity, and smart grid technologies like IoT and blockchain.