September 16, 2019 by Greg Owens

“Managed Wi-Fi Services Provide a Better Customer Experience.” ‘Nuff Said.

Founded in 1888, BrightRidge is a not-for-profit public utility based in Northeast Tennessee that recently started offering fiber-based high-speed Internet service to its members. Predictably, subscribers who decided to purchase a Wi-Fi router from a commercial retailer soon noticed issues with limited bandwidth and inadequate Wi-Fi coverage.

In response, BrightRidge launched their ‘In-Home Managed WiFi Support Service’. For $9.99/month, subscribers can get a Calix GigaCenter, access to 24/7 Technical Support (powered by Calix Support Cloud), and a single in-home visit from a field technician each year (if needed).

Members that have large homes, or live in an older dwellings built using brick or plaster, can add a range extender (Calix 804Mesh) for $2.99/month.

“By using the GigaCenter and 804Mesh, we’re able to ensure that the customer has equipment that allows them to access the 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps symmetrical speeds that we provide,” said Stacy Evans, Chief Broadband Officer, BrightRidge. “We have seen customers that opted to go with ‘bring your own router’, only to find out that they would go with a low-end product that really wasn’t capable of providing that performance.”

To date, the 78 percent of BrightRidge members that opted for the ‘In-Home Managed WiFi Support Service’ are now enjoying uninterrupted speeds up to 1 Gbps and extended Wi-Fi coverage. Hear the full story from the team at BrightRidge in this video.


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