August 8, 2019 by Kevin Kuo

Are You Ready to Win the “Battle for Bandwidth” in Today’s Competitive Market?


Are you running out of available bandwidth in your access network? Or finding it difficult to deliver higher bandwidth services while managing and maintaining access systems that are spread over great distances?

Let’s face it, we all live in a connected world. Connected devices are prevalent everywhere and as today’s technology evolves, the demand for bandwidth will grow due to the increased utilization of applications dependent on higher speeds. The increasing popularity of mobile high-definition video, interactive 3D virtual reality gaming, autonomous vehicles, and more are really having an impact on our ability to support these bandwidth-intensive applications while providing a superior subscriber experience. As a result, many service providers are facing challenges with available bandwidth in their access network, while others are struggling to deliver higher bandwidth services while managing and maintaining access systems that are far apart from each other. So what if you could cost effectively aggregate traffic while increasing bandwidth across your access network?

In a recent customer poll, we asked the following question:

“In your opinion, what would be the top driver for your company for deploying an aggregation strategy within your access network?”

Over 73 percent of those surveyed responded that the top driver for them would be to increase available bandwidth available to their access network.

To address this need, Calix has introduced the E7-2 10GE-12 Aggregation line card - an innovative solution that enables bandwidth and network capacity to be added easily and fiber to be conserved without the need to bury more lines. Powered by AXOS, the E7-2 Aggregation line card not only provides significant capital cost savings, but also improves time to revenue while reducing your overall cost of operations.

You can learn more on how the innovative Calix AXOS 10G Aggregation solution can help you increase bandwidth and network capacity while reducing overall costs simply and easily by watching this webinar replay. This webinar will highlight the power of aggregation and its ability to deliver simplicity, flexibility, higher capacity, and lower TCO to service providers today and beyond.