June 20, 2019 by Kezia Gollapudi

Are your Subscribers on the Right Service Tier?


You are committed to delivering superior service to your subscribers. After all, a great experience is one of the big reasons that subscribers come to you. But do you truly know if your subscribers are on the right service tier?

Subscriber needs change over time, and that may mean they end up on the wrong service tier. Perhaps dad is now working from home full time. Or there’s an aspiring YouTuber in the house. Or mom got the smart home bug. When devices can’t connect, or video streams and gaming sessions lag, everyone blames the Internet and the quality of your services. And these days, subscribers are quick to take to social media and change service providers often.

Instead of being blindsided when unhappy subscribers call to cancel their service, you can proactively ensure they’re on the service plan that best fits their needs. Everyone knows it’s far easier to tap into incremental revenue from existing subscribers than to acquire new ones.

59-fold ROI for Addressing Service Tier Issues?

That is what Pioneer Telephone Cooperative achieved. Pioneer provides communications services to residents and businesses in Western Oklahoma and Southern Kansas. It’s a member-owned local business that prides itself on customer service and technology innovation.

To ensure that residential members had the right service tier to fit their needs, Pioneer’s marketing team first identified members who had suboptimal experiences. They then created a proactive marketing campaign to upgrade members to the appropriate service tier. Their first campaign delivered a 59-fold ROI. Happier members and incremental revenue on the first effort.

Identifying Subscribers with Less-Than-Great Experiences

Calix Marketing Cloud makes it easy for marketers to see which subscribers are on the wrong service tier. You can get insights on how subscribers on particular service tiers are using the network to identify who are the streamers, the gamers, and who work from home. However, you can also understand their overall experience and behavior like who’s maxing the service rate, who’s running speed tests, and even how much time they spent visiting a competitor’s website.

With that depth of understanding, you can create marketing campaigns that micro-target subscribers who are on the wrong tiers. You can prioritize your campaigns based on service availability and geography. You can even see which social channels and times of day are ideal for targeting.

You can also partner with Calix Customer Success Services to ensure you are following best practices and all your marketing efforts are aligned with your business objectives.

Join the live Subscriber Experience Spotlight Webinar on June 26 to hear directly from Pioneer on their tailored marketing campaigns and other unique initiatives to deliver the best possible subscriber experience.