May 17, 2019 by Alan DiCicco

Smart Homes Need a Smart Broadband Service


“How many wireless devices do you have in your home?”

I hear this question a lot and usually find myself trying to count out my family’s devices on my fingers. Let’s see… four people in the family, each with a laptop and smartphone. That’s eight. My wife has a second laptop for her business, and I have a Calix-issued tablet; and we have the family tablet we keep in the living room to stream music to our Bluetooth speakers. We have two smart TVs and two Roku devices… and a printer. So that makes… oh, forget it.

Frankly, I don’t know and don’t care how many wireless devices we have in our home. I only care about two things:

  1. Do our many devices have excellent wireless connectivity?
  2. Can I quickly resolve the issue when one of them is no longer well connected?

Even for technically inclined individuals like myself, it is often easier to count the devices than troubleshoot connectivity issues. The combined ISP+wireless experience determines our happiness, and like most families, we want to have things easy with solutions that will make our home a truly “smart” experience.

In the latest edition of our “Analyst Insights” series, IHS Markit Research Director John Kendall discusses the Wi-Fi challenges in the connected home and the opportunities for broadband service providers who offer a managed multiple-CPE whole-home Wi-Fi solution. Read his extended essay.

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