May 7, 2019 by Kevin Kuo

Making OSS Integration as “Easy As 1-2-3”


Are you describing your OSS/BSS integration capabilities and operational processes as just too complex of an area to tackle? Are the demands to drastically reduce the integration and deployment timelines for launching new revenue-generating services compounding the complexity?

Unfortunately, the advent of complexity begets more complexity. In the world of OSS, this translates to increased customer confusion, declining satisfaction levels, and ultimately drives the cost of doing business to unprecedented levels. So how does one master this complexity? The answer lies with having the ability to master the problem through simplification. In the first and second installments within this multi-part blog series, the drivers for accelerating your OSS/BSS transformation and securing new innovative methods and platforms to launch applications and services faster and more effectively than your competition was covered.

In this third and final blog of the series, you will learn about the disruptive platform solution that will help you simplify your operations, accelerate your OSS/BSS integration timeline, and drastically improve upon your time to market capabilities. That solution is the Calix AXOS software-defined access platform, the optimal catalyst for your OSS/BSS transformation.

AXOS is the innovation engine that will provide you a clear runway to future success. With AXOS you can benefit from a fully abstracted service layer, hardware independence, common service models, and stateful operation—all of which will dramatically simplify operations. The AXOS platform offers you a simplified path to an intelligent, unified access network that accelerates time to revenue, eliminates service disruptions and reduces the total cost of ownership.

AXOS accomplishes this by:

  • Leveraging common MOPs and service models that span across the entire network from the data center to remote locations, regardless of the services or technologies supported
  • Enabling the ability to remotely diagnose network issues, reduce truck rolls, and simplify issue diagnosis with the built-in AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox
  • Automating and simplifying workflows with zero-touch provisioning
  • Being Always On by performing in-service upgrades without interrupting other services, thus eliminating the need for maintenance windows
  • Completing OSS/BSS integrations faster with less resources and associated expenses

We recently issued a press release with Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative, describing how AXOS helped FTC dramatically simplify their network operations while reducing the time to integrate their OSS/BSS back office processes from 18 months to just 10 weeks. By deploying AXOS and the E7-2 Intelligent Modular System, FTC was able to quickly reduce their operating expenses and time to market by over 85 percent. Another powerful example was the integration project led by GLDS where they leveraged the AXOS platform to reduce the time to complete a full back office integration from four months to four weeks. You can read more about this by downloading our Calix Solution Brief entitled “Accelerate Your Time to Revenue by Simplifying Your OSS/BSS Integration with AXOS” here. Once you have, the “integrate once, deploy often” business transformation capability will be within your grasp.