April 5, 2019 by Pam Ferguson

Behind the Success: How SCTelcom Achieved a 51.7 Percent Take Rate on an Upgrade Campaign


I hope you caught the last webinar in our Subscriber Experience Spotlight series. Carla Shearer, SCTelcom’s CEO/General Manager, shared their journey to data analytics, and how it drove them from a world of single-digit take rates to a marketing campaign take rate over 50 percent. Also how they reduced trouble tickets by more than 30 percent. If you missed the live webinar, be sure to check out the replay.

You will find that it’s no surprise that SCTelcom, like several other Calix customers, has been leveraging the subscriber insights delivered by Calix Cloud, but what’s noteworthy is that they recovered their investment in Calix Cloud in just four months.

After the webinar, I decided to have a quick chat with Gabe Petersen, Customer Success Manager for Calix Marketing Cloud, to get the story behind how he partnered with SCTelcom to accelerate their return on investment. Here’s what he had to share.

What was one of the key takeaways for you once you engaged with SCTelcom?

SCTelcom had invested heavily in a fiber network, and it meant they could really deliver the exceptional service its residential and business customers expected.

However, when they first turned up Calix Marketing Cloud, we realized that the vast majority of its subscribers were on legacy Internet service. And it was also easy to see which subscribers were frustrated based on their service limit hits, and how to address it with a targeted upgrade campaign that would allow SCTelcom to offer them a better service experience.

What strategy and tactics did you discuss?

SCTelcom’s marketing department, as Carla explains in the webinar, was a one-woman army. How they did marketing and what they could achieve in the past was very limited.

We knew very early during the business strategy sessions that their shotgun marketing was costing them a lot more and not getting the results they wanted. In addition to being meticulous about who the campaign targeted, in this case gamers and streamers, we decided on combining direct and email marketing with outbound calling.

We spent time refining the print and digital marketing material and honing the message and graphics to make the campaign more engaging and relevant to gamers and streamers.

Carla said outbound marketing was new to them. How did that come about?

Yes, SCTelcom had never done any outbound marketing calls in the past. But I knew that several Calix Cloud customers were seeing great benefits from doing exactly that.

We worked with their leadership team on best practices for coaching their service reps through what could be an intimidating process. We tailored training so the reps could confidently ask subscribers all the right questions and ensure them that it was not just about upselling, but upgrading their experience – and really felt like a conversation versus a ‘hard sell’.

Obviously, the 51.7 percent take rate speaks to how they were able to quickly recover their Calix Cloud investment. More importantly, there is a huge culture and operational change in motion inside SCTelcom, which is a lot harder to measure but is sure to bring long term benefit to the business.

For readers who aren’t familiar with how a customer success manager partners with service providers like SCTelcom, what would you like them to know?

We’re in an industry that loves to talk about the technology, but the part we love the most is helping our customers drive their business forward.

Marketing in particular has become heavily data-driven, but many marketers don’t know how to make the most of all that data. And in many cases, they don’t have the time or resources. That’s where our team can help. We work closely with customers, coaching them on marketing strategies to drive the business forward—and to leverage best practices specific to subscriber marketing. In this case, these amazing take rates were on services where the costs had already been outlaid (they already had the capability to take the higher service). Some would say Customer Success Services also help impact the bottom line.

And we have been doing this for a while with other Calix Cloud customers like Triangle Communications, Midwest Energy and Communications, and Nemont, just to name a few. It’s a true partnership where everyone’s goal is the same – customer success.


As you will discover in the webinar, SCTelcom also leveraged another Customer Success Manager dedicated to optimizing their support operations. Learn more about all our Customer Success Services.